Founder & CEO – Luvme & LittleShoppers Mumpreneur & Eco Baby Expert

6 years ago my mum and myself created our family business to give children and our planet a better chance for a brighter future. It is our families mission to take on the big boys from our home warehouse 1 nappy at a time with our Pandas by Luvme biodegradable nappies and wipes that only take 2 years to break down with no nasty toxic ingredients. 

My mum and I are proud to have now created a business all from our home acreage property warehouse that is turning over a million dollars each year.

Our highs are that we are now in 

  •  100’s of childcare centres
  •  Over 400 stores nationally and now launching into 100’s more supporting IGA as they are independent family owned which is in line with our family business and values. We won’t ever take our business to coles or woollies
  •   Massive online sales on both our retail website & ebay·
  • Over 50,000 following on social media
  •  Over 30,000 in our VIP Eco Parents Club 




SCARY Statistics – 

  •        Avg nappy takes over 500 years to breakdown
  •        3.75 million nappies go into landfill in Australia & New Zealand DAILY so IMAGINE the WORLD! 

SOLUTION – Luvme products – take only 2 years to breakdown·

 1 in 5 children under 2 years old now have eczema this statistic has increased from 3% to 20% and will only increase over time to more bubs 

SOLUTION – Luvme products – have no toxic chemicals and bamboos fibre is smooth compared to cotton there minimising skin irritation and we have 100’s of case studies to prove this .

We love getting emails daily of success stories with families saying our product is the only one that has significantly or completely reduces rashes, irritations etc. caused by use of other brand wipes and nappies. 

Our local customers love doing drive through pick up for their months supply of nappies and wipes and we love to also give back to many charities one being Randwick children’s hospital – cancer unit as our nephew was recently there getting chemo and without being biase said our wipes were the only ones that didn’t sting or smell. 

Sharing our reason for why out is now crucial in the process of leaving a legacy especially now that my mum (aka business partner) has aggressive stomach cancer. Getting our eco story out and helping other families will make her so happy and proud in the knowledge of this. This time right now as much as the success we are having in our business is definitely also at the same time the most challenging and the lowest point I have ever experienced in my life. Juggling 3 kids, booming business and my business partner who I live next door to and who is also my best friend having aggressive stomach cancer going through intensive chemo in and out of hospital is definitely the hardest and most testing of my strength time in my life. 


Last and possibly most importantly as the picture of myself and my beautiful daughter Nevaeh says below – Remember our Planet is left to our Babies! We all have family younger than us and we want to make sure their future families don’t suffer from our neglect to do anything NOW! 

1.  Failure doesn’t exist – my mums favourite thing to say is something may be difficult but not impossible. As a mother daughter team we have never let failure be an option in the 6 years of creating our business.  

 2.    Ignore the dream crusher – you will meet people that try to crush your dreams I AWLAYS ignore these people I call dream crusher as they are only jealous of what you have and are about to create. These people actually make me more determined and stronger to keep achieving. 

3.    Customers are always right! – again this is something my mum taught me from a very young age as we have always had our own businesses growing up. No matter what without our customers you wouldn’t have a business so always keep your customers happy even if you have to give them a free gift to help them feel more positive about an error that may have occurred.


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We hope you have enjoyed another of our Enterprising Entrepreneur stories.

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