Sally Benson C.E.O & Founder of Dignity Wear Ltd

Early May 2015 I was having a routine gynaecological procedure and the practitioner left the room leaving me vulnerable and exposed.  I lay there staring at the ceiling and vowed right there and then that I would come up with a solution that would afford every women her right to her privacy and dignity during routine gynaecological procedures.

I didn’t now how or what I was going to produce but I was very sure about WHY!!  The following week I left for a solo 3 week trip to China and mapped out my vision for what could be achieved.  What was possible?


Once back in the UK I went through my mail and there was a leaflet asking the question.  Do you have an idea? If so, we want to hear from you.  Well I couldn’t get to the phone quick enough and a few weeks later, I was pitching my idea.  Within a week I was accepted onto a brilliant business accelerator programme.


The second part of my journey began.  I was still running my Hypnotherapy practice and had the sole responsibility of premises, a mortgage and ever increasing bills but my vision was clear. My product Dignity Wear was born.


Within days I was working around 50+ hours, week in week out.  I never once felt tired as my sheer determination to make this a reality was strong.  I felt I had a mission that I needed to achieve because this was not just for me.  This was for women the world over.


People around me kept telling me to ‘slow down’, have a rest, and take a week off.  They had seen me as a single 52 year old woman ‘having a go’ at something.  I was unstoppable.  I had no time to think about time off.  Did I mention I am highly dyslexic?  This brought me numerous problems as at times I simply didn’t understand information relayed to me or I couldn’t articulate to others what I really wanted to say

Well the months were flying by and in January this year I won an Award for the innovation and development of my product.  I was thrilled and felt accepted by the business community. 

Overall I have gained knowledge of exporting, manufacturing and how to do financial forecasts. I have pitched to a consortium of Chinese investors and I have become a UK finalist in the 8th China Entrepreneurs and Innovations Competition. 

There have been lows that challenged me.  A manufacturer gave me big promises and failed to deliver. It made me question what the heck I was doing, but just for a short time.  Only a month ago my mum became seriously ill and I was driving 1030 km a week to help with her care. 

Yet I’ve survived and just this week, my product is starting the manufacturer’s process and I am so excited that my dream is becoming a reality.  September will see the official launch of my product and my goal is that by 2017, Dignity Wear will be in every part of the Globe.

My motto Never Give Up Ever!!

We hope you are enjoying our Enterprising Entrepreneur series. 


Lisa & Jo