Patience is a wonderful thing in some circumstances.  When it comes to building relationships, cooking, fostering trust, increasing skills and expertise, aging wine or watching your children grow patience is one of the key ingredients.  It manufacturers the time required for these to take place, for ideas to evolve and for development to occur.

However, when waiting for a just outcome, patience is a trap.  It allows the injustice to continue to deleteriously affect people’s lives for longer than it justifiably should.  It removes liberties, basic rights and opportunities which are due yet are wilfully delayed for comparatively inane reasons.

Last year, the theme for International Women’s Day was Pledge for Parity.  It was born from the idea women are habitually paid less than men even when they are performing the same tasks.  Let’s be brutally honest – that injustice sucks!

The World Economic Forum predicts this gender gap won’t close until 2186.  You read that right.  From today, there are nearly 170 years to wait until this imbalance corrects itself if movement toward pay parity continues at the current rate.  So until then, women are still to be regarded as second rate to men when performing the same tasks.

Imagine the outcry there would be if tomorrow a law was passed saying all people with white skin are now to receive 25% more pay than those with black skin when performing the same tasks.  That idea is ludicrous.  Yet for some reason, if you’ve got ovaries you deserve less than people with testicles.

There’s a well-worn phrase in legal circles…

Justice delayed is justice denied.

If you are content knowing your daughters, your granddaughters and great granddaughters are going to all be treated as second-class citizens in the employment market then please, do nothing.  However, if you feel that you’d like the course of history redirected then…

Be Bold for Change

…and click on the link to begin the process of reducing the sentence that your inactivity will hand down. 

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