Francesca Moi Founder of Empowering Events –Follow Me! 

I know I know … it seems like the impossible but I have to say that seriously anything IS possible!

My name is Francesca Moi and only 24 month ago I didn’t know anybody in Brisbane and; I didn’t have a business when I attended Unleash the Power Within (UPW) for the first time in September 2014.

I put together a group deal with the organizers of UPW – Empowernet – and I managed somehow to find and bring along 10 people with me to UPW 2014. 

 Tony Robbins says “Life will never be the SAME again” at UPW, and it’s totally true.  

On the last day of the seminar, , I wrote in a piece of paper my details and a message to Tony:

“ I would love to collaborate with you Tony, I would love to meet you in person.” pretty cockie right?

 I knew he wasn’t going to happen so easily but to me I did commit to my word and I was going to find a way to meet Tony in person. 

The UPW 2014 experience was truly life changing where I set goals for my business and for my life. Guess what?! In less then 7 months all my dreams had come true, including building a 6 Figure Business using Meetup and teaching business owners how to create a Following…only one dream was missing: Meeting Tony Robbins in person. So I made another deal with Empowernet. I had to sell 100 tickets to UPW 2015 to be able to meet him in person! 

I had only 4 months to sell 100 tickets. But I put my mind to it and I worked really hard and the day before UPW started I had only sold 96… BUT at lunch time I got 3 last minute bookings… lots of people suggested me to give up but I am pretty persistent and BOOM at 4:30 pm I sold my last ticket. I reached 100! YAY!

I was so happy! 

Not only I was sitting in the second row for the entire UPW weekend but on the 3rd day at 6pm the organizer told me to join him in the corridor as “in 30min Tony will meet you Francesca.”

OMG I was about to meet Tony Robbins in person!

SHUT UPPPP! My dream was about to come true!

I was nervous, but tried to stay confident and strong but honestly I just couldn’t believe it… a year ago I thought it was impossible but when you want something strongly enough you can make anything happen!

I was waiting in the corridor and all of a sudden this giant comes around the corner.. Tony smiles at me and straight away goes to talk to his Security Guards.

Then the organiser held my hand and said: “Tony this is Francesca and she has personally sold over 100 tickets for you this year”

Tony looked at me hugged me and kissed my forehead and said: “Wow Francesca I am very impressed, thank you so much for all your efforts”

All I was trying to say was: “You are welcome Tony it’s my pleasure, I believe your seminar changes people lives and it’s an honor to collaborate with you.”

BUT all that came out from my mouth was: “You are welcome, I LOVE YOU TONY” Ahahahha so embarrassing 🙂

The energy I felt standing next to Tony was the most empowering and encouraging and inspiring, he truly cares for each and every human being and their stories – I can still remember his connection to me, he was looking straight into my eyes and he was truly interested in finding out how I achieved my goal, even if the Security Guard was trying to hurry him away. Tony asked me lots of questions about me and my business and we made an awesome deal for next year.

I couldn’t believe that Tony Robbins was actually having a Business Conversation with me!  

I am officially collaborating with Tony Robbins in person. SHUTT UPPP! 

All my dreams came true for the last 24 months and I have bigger goals for the next 12 months. And this is thanks to all of my raving fans and my network, I am feeling so so grateful to you all!

This is what I believe having a huge Network can do for people and for you too. 

I have used MeetUp as a Marketing tool  to grow my Network along with my credibility. This means that only 12 months later I had a 6 Figures Business and get to meet amazing Thought Leaders such as Tony Robbins in person, I wrote 2 books in the following 12 months and seriously I now wonder what else is possible?

What it is going to happen in the next 12 months? What could you achieve if you have an engaged community and you become a person of influence? 

I have realized that everything and anything is possible and if we want something strongly enough we can make it happen.

 I now teach people how to change their mindset to stop themselves from sabotaging their own business. I also help people start a community and become a person of influence in their niche. I’ve been nicknamed the Meetup Queen and I love sharing those insights with my clients. 

I have generated over $250,000 in sales in the first year of my business for myself and for the other businesses I collaborate with. I can teach you how you can do the same.

3 TIPS on what to FOCUS on to grow your Following:

  1.  Be a giver (don’t hold back)
  2. Surround yourself with people of influence
  3.  Start your own community and become a leader

 Everything is possible when you… Love and Live with Passion,


We hope you have enjoyed another in our series of Enterprising Entrepreneurs.

From those in Heels

Lisa & Jo