Workplaces are digitally progressing exponentially with new technologies at their fingertips, but are they transforming as many would like us to believe?

The short answer is unfortunately a most definite no. Yet why have we dropped the enterprise evolution ball so badly?

If you want your workplace to transform in the new world of the digital evolution, it is simply not enough to adopt new technology in your business. You need to completely overhaul your ways of working right across all levels of your organisation. This is a significantly more difficult prospect than simply upgrading your technology. It requires a greater dedication of leadership in ways that many of us have never realised, let alone undertaken before.

When leaders elevate their people by providing vision and creating an environment focused on their customers, you give your people a chance to work driven by purpose. Purpose embedded within an organisation successfully is a game-changer.

It is commonly known that purpose moves people. The same people then stand up technology that can propel your business forward. Try transforming without purpose, and you will find yourself simply delivering a technology upgrade. True transformation is delivered by your people, underpinned by a strong, clear and repeatable sense of purpose.

We whitewash the word purpose a lot in the world creating a weakening of its true meaning. The dictionary tells us that purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Without a purpose in business, there is no solid foundation to build your business. Take away purpose and chaos often prevails in business, with a frequent close companion of failure following right behind.

People are driven by purpose both in their personal and professional lives. Those purposes are different for everyone. However, the sense of doing good in the world is by far more inspirational than most other options of motivation. We have in the past tried every way to motivate, including financial gain, which works for some. Yet it is not even close to the motivation created by a compelling sense of purpose.

People who are fueled by a compelling sense of purpose in their work feel valued and appreciated in their workplace. That sense of belonging is important to us all. It is a very basic human nature to desire a sense of belonging.

Everything about workplaces that we once identified with is transforming. Since COVID and the big resignation, people are on the move to seek more purpose in their working lives. Jobs that they stayed in for security no longer fulfil people, and employee shortages mean that we are now living in an employee marketplace.

It has been a while. For those of you who have not experienced the difficulties in business in an employee marketplace, you might be in for quite a rude awakening.

I remember all too well what an employment marketplace looked like when employees and prospective candidates held, what felt like, all the power. We are experiencing one right now, and it is not about to change in the short to mid-term. The last time this occurred I was a Human Resources Manager. I felt it first-hand, recruitment and employee retention were tough.

The difference today is vast. The cost of living was significantly lower and loyalty to an employer was higher last time around. It reflected badly on your CV if you changed jobs a lot. Whilst dedication and loyalty were highly valued by employers. Today’s employment market is much more fluid, filled with short term contracting workers eager to discover the next challenge and enjoying their ability to come and go as they please.

If you are an organisation like a non for profit or smaller business, that does not have the capital to attract and support higher wages. You are likely struggling to attract talented people that will transform your organisation. As a result, your output and bottom line will be taking a hit in today’s marketplace.

The good news is that mindful leadership, could very well be, the purpose-driven prospect that could help you to both retain and attract the right people to transform your organisation completely.

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