Discomfort! A word that makes many of us squirm just at the mere thought. What if I told you I’ve made discomfort my new best friend? Would you think I was mad?

Has opportunity knocked on your door, but you missed it because you were scared to see the truth, so you ran from discomfort?

The interpretation of truth is a worthwhile concept to consider, which can bring profound revelations to ponder in life. We throw the word around like it means only one thing to everyone. Yet, in a bizarre twist, it would seem that your truth is your own. However, it is most certainly not the story you tell yourself to avoid risk, failure or loss.

What if I told you that facing your truth in the presence of absolute discomfort is the path to understanding your purpose, with a real possibility to unlock your infinite potential in life?

Follow your truth! It sounds like a cliche right? However, it is more on the money than you first might think. I would suggest you follow your truth absolutely head-on into discomfort to discover the magic that exists for you beyond it. I’ve learned through mindfulness practices that your ultimate personal truth can bring about significant shifts in life. These shifts can then be explored and exploded into your very own infinite potential.

Once you begin to follow your truth, no matter how bumpy and uncomfortable the road gets, the magic can begins to happen for you in life, bringing all that you desire in life. The pieces of the puzzle of life can fall into place. Joy flows and the right opportunities keep on coming, one thing after another.

All this is discoverable by staring into the face of discomfort, just like a deer looked in a gaze with car headlights at night. By standing your ground, and allowing the discomfort to rise through observation of yourself. You learn to see beyond what is holding you back and can then move completely beyond the obstacle.

Think of the awareness as the gaze, then sit in it and feel it in your body. The continued observation of your surroundings then enables you to know when it’s safe to cross the road into new exciting and uncharted territory. Panic in the face of discomfort is running out in front of the car.

If you’d like to learn how to do this, you will need to find someone prepared to go deep enough with you to find the obstacles. These are things like walls that you may instantly invoke in response to a conversation that caused discomfort.

Then zoom in, feel it, observe it, and listen with everything you have. There is gold in these moments on offer. Just like I have learned, you can embrace these moments to grow exponentially.

Eventually, as you practice, you can learn to relish the people in your life that bring these opportunities. Disruption becomes your friend, and conflicting perspectives become opportunities to learn, expand and grow.

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