I’d like a dollar for every time I’ve heard a great story about a wonderful business woman doing amazing things and gone on to tell a dozen other people.  There’s something uplifting about hearing of someone doing awesome things, overcoming adversity, fighting injustice and mustering the courage and determination to take the fight up to the bad guy and come out on top.  Recounting their exploits inspires me and inflames my passion to keep going on the days when I feel overwhelmed.  They make the little voice inside my head say, “Keep going.  Just keep going!”

Our stories contain struggles, triumphs, failures, connections, themes, drama, conflicts, emotions, expectations, dilemmas standards and, most significantly, our why.  Each of these gives away clues that listeners and readers instinctively pick up on and interpret enabling them to decide if we are someone they want to do business with or get to know further.  Perhaps more importantly, humans have a sixth sense for remembering and recounting stories meaning they often form the basis of the word-of-mouth advertising all business people want to receive.

So – tell your story!

The art of the storyteller is by no means cut and dried.  Many elements that work in one fail in another so it’s important to be guided by the story when deciding which suit.  Over the next five weeks, we’ll bring you some techniques and common elements of engaging stories so you can make a judgement about whether they are suitable for yours.  What will follow is by no means an exhaustive list.  It’s just meant to get your creative juices flowing.

They’ll include the hero and villain, the master and apprentice, cathartic moments when it all came together… then fell apart, triumph and adversity, misguided advice, tension, resolution and more.  Come with us for the ride.  It’ll enrage, uplift, make you cry, laugh and question what you know.

Yep – it’ll be a slice of life.  Best of all, you’ll end up with a story others want to tell.



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