Is life feeling like ground-hog day to you today? When you woke up this morning, did it feel like the cycle is beginning again, just like it has for what seems like forever?


This could simply be a signpost, telling you that you are stuck in a cycle, where you have forgotten to work to live, instead of living to work.


We all know that in life if we want to eat, have a roof over our head and stay warm in winter, we must work to earn money to pay for these things. This is a no brainer, but what is completely in our control is how we see this world we live in. If we see a world where we live to work, then this becomes our world. If we see a world where we work to provide a beautiful and joyful life for ourselves and our loved ones, then this is the world we live in. It is all about your observation and interaction with what you see.


It is possible to begin each day with joy in your heart, even on a cold winters morning when you set out early for work. When you step into the world mindfully, you can begin to enjoy your life, knowing you are helping to provide a beautiful life for those you love. A life filled with joy is yours to have if you choose it.


Your life’s design is not an eight, ten or twelve hours shift. Your life is in the moments. Those precious moments when you hear your children laugh. The moment when you witness the beginnings of a new day when your partner opens their eyes in the morning right beside you. There are so many moments waiting for you to join them every day. Yet if you get caught in the ground-hog mentality, you will miss them all.

Life will pass you by, and one day you will wake up wondering where all the years went. Your children will have left home. You will have spent your entire life focused on working, and now you don’t know what to do in your marriage anymore. This mindset is a way too familiar story, and it all happens because we are always focused on tomorrow.

Your love, your joy and every other emotion you feel are lived today in the present. Instead of the thinking mode of I will be happy when. When never comes in this mindset, simply because we have forgotten to be present and enjoy the moments when they arise. We go to holiday destinations and take pictures instead of dropping into the moment and just observing it, enjoying it and experiencing the joy to be right there.

Next time you go to a beautiful place, leave your phone in the car. Marvel at the beauty, drop into the moment, observe it with all your senses. On your drive home, when you feel gratitude, you will be reminded of why you work to live, and not live to work.

In your life, there is always room for work and play. You can weave harmony back into your life by setting priorities about what is important, and removing what is not. You can develop all the skills you need to mindfully come back to the present moment, where the joy is waiting for your return.


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Harmony is merely a moment away when you know where to look for it.