Are you feeling overwhelmed with the current pace of your life? Is your mind spinning uncontrollably, all the time with a thousand things that need to be done? Do you wonder how life got so busy? Was it always like this? Did we choose to be constantly on the go, full of anxiety and stress? Or did someone tell us that this is normal, this is just the way life is?

Guess what!! It is not normal to live in a state of anxiety or stress, or emotional turmoil, and it’s not healthy to live that way either. You can take action to SLOW down the crazy whirlwind of noise that is going round and round in your mind.

Would you like to feel calm and peaceful and in control of your life? 

As women, we feel responsible for the welfare of everyone, and we always put everyone else’s needs first. To achieve peace and calm in your mind, and in your life, you need to CHOOSE to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, MAKE time that is just about you, about caring for your needs. Even if it is only 5 minutes a day to start, and build up to 20 minutes.

20 minutes a day just for you. I know some of you are going to say “I just don’t have the time, I’m too busy”. Well you need to make time, because your emotional stress and turmoil can have a negative effect on everyone around you. Your partner, kids, family, and friends. Just as your peace, calm and positive energy will flow out to all those around you once you stop the endless noise that currently resides in your mind.

These tips may sound simple, and that’s because they are!! So stay with me, keep reading!

Meditation, now I know that not everyone is into meditation, but there are a lot of new, easy and wonderful ways to meditate. Start with 5 minutes, and build up to 20 minutes day. It can be done anywhere and is as easy as closing your eyes and repeating a word that resonates with you. I use – release … release … .release…. Or Google “meditation” and there are plenty to choose from, that you can download and listen to. If your mind wanders, as it will to start with, acknowledge the thought, and then let it go, and go back to your mantra, whatever that is.

 Adult colouring, may seem silly to some, or a waste of time. It works! 5-20 minutes of NO thinking, just aimless colouring, it is a fantastic way to give yourself time out, and you could be enjoying time with the kids as you take time for yourself. Some say it’s the new meditation.

Perfect Day, my favourite thing to clear the noise and create calm. Pick what your perfect day would look like. Maybe it’s a day at the beach with your family, a deserted island with Brad Pitt, an over water bungalow in Bora, Bora and your only company is a good book and bottle of wine! Whatever your perfect day is, go with it, and there is no guilt if you are leaving the kids at home!!

 Ok. So once you picture your perfect day, you are now going to really zoom in, and around the picture and really notice specifics—

 What do you see? White sand, blue ocean, palm trees, family smiling and happy…….. etc (as many as you can)

What do you hear? Waves lapping at shore, breeze blowing through the trees, laughing………

What do you feel? Sand under feet, breeze blowing, sun warming on face…………

 And most importantly;

HOW do you feel? Calm, peaceful, relaxed, happy, free, energised…………….

Take your time, you are in no hurry, and enjoy every minute and detail of your perfect day. Then enjoy the positive feelings that flow through your mind, heart and soul.

You can choose a new perfect day each time if you like, or you can stick with the one day and as you go there more often you will quickly and easily get to your peace and calm. You can then use this whenever you are struggling or have a bad day at work. Just close your eyes and go to your perfect day.

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