The natural world has all the solutions we need

Nature works in perfect balance and harmony. When we are looking for useful and efficient ways of working, it is often best to look to nature for the right solution. Why, because the beautiful natural world has all the answers.

We already do this in many ways in life. Scientists regularly observe the intricacies of the natural world to understand how things work. Nature has all the answers to perfect harmony and balance in the world, but we frequently miss those things that are right under our nose, just like the things we take for granted. The air that we breathe in perfect harmony with trees, a beautiful symphony of breathing between animals and plants. It is consistently happening all around us, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day. Yet this marvel of the world disappears into the background of the busy lives we fill with thoughts, reactions and desires for more and more stuff.


Purposeful engagement

Just like the air we breathe, everything is happening in the natural world purposefully. If we are connected, by the very thing that sustains our life with nature, how is it that we miss the rest of the miraculous connections that exist everywhere around us? This question is something I ask myself often, and I think it is a question we should all ask ourselves when seeking solutions to problems that exist in our modern lives in the world.


A fish rots at the head first

So in perfect harmony with the natural world, when a fish rots, it rots at the head first. You might be wondering why this is significant to a Yoga & Mindfulness Coach. It is a perfect analogy that is true in so many things in life.


Our mind gets in the way of a lot of things and often causes all the problems post thought. We get stuck in our thoughts so frequently that they chart our course often in the wrong direction, and even worse they can completely stop us dead in our tracks. Is this you? Do you feel like you overthink things and sometimes stop yourself before you even begin?


So the analogy of a fish rotting at the head first is reflected frequently in where we go wrong in life. The danger is how far the rot spreads in our lives. Not just in our day to day thoughts, but through our relationships, and into our working life. Is this you too?


We so frequently get in our own way. We self sabotage our potential for success and the success of those working with or for us. So are you getting in the way of your business success? Are you being impacted by your social & cultural conditioning? It happens to us all at some point in our life.

In your own business, take a moment and consider that you are the fish head, the person at the top and responsible for the beginning of the rot. It can be a very bitter pill to swallow, because it is much easier to blame those around us, instead of taking ownership and accountability of the part we play. However, when we do, it is both incredibly worthwhile and enriching. Taking ownership and being accountable allow your business to change, grow and reach the infinite potential that exists in us all.

Focus on your business Why

The trick is to learn to take control of the why, not the how? Through applying your attention to purposeful intention, then releasing the need to control how. You allow the natural universal concept of flow to occur in your life, just as it does in nature. Fish don’t need to think of how to swim, they simply swim. Just like birds don’t think of how to fly, they simply fly. Then they let the rest take care of itself. This is flow in action, just as it exists in every part of nature.


Tapping into the natural phenomenon of flow

When you learn how to do this, you are inviting the beautiful concept of infinite potential into your life through the natural phenomenon of flow. The alternative is to try to control the outcome and limit your potential to only what exists in your mind at this moment, which is finite. Would you prefer not to be held back by your imprints, like feelings of worthiness? I am guessing the answer to this question is a solid Yes!


You might be saying I don’t even know where to begin to understand how this flow thing works! It’s ok you are not an island because as children, we observe the mechanism of control through adults all around us, then we carry this throughout life. The reality is that as a grown adult, you have the power to change everything.


An example of tapping into flow is to be rock solid on your business why. Then it is essential to support the staff working with you to understand the why, so that they can instil the why in other staff and your customers. In this situation, you are focusing your attention on why not how. It is, clearly understood that people buy your business why, not your business how. This scenario gives the how of your business, the opportunity to rise naturally.


It is like seeing the big picture but only making one decision at a time, allowing time to survey the landscape to see where the next move should be. Potentially this is how you stop your business from heading in the wrong direction. Focusing on your business this way will save you lots of time in re-working and re-designing processes. The impacts felt here are the most significant expense in your organisation, your people. They can help you with your how, they want to and have lots of experience with how things haven’t worked in the past with your customers, because they are in front of them, not you.


Welcome infinite potential first into your own life, then into your business and watch it grow through the ripple effects throughout your entire business and life. Because equally as a fish rots at the head first, so too is it leading the way as you swim forth in your life and business because you don’t see fish swimming backwards do you!


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