When I’m talking to women about what they want from their newly established businesses they generally list things including an income, to help their clients, an outlet for their talents or a chance to achieve financial independence.  These are all wonderful responses from business owners at this stage.

Funny though, the same women a couple of years later say the reason for remaining in business has often changed.  It’s only anecdotal, but the primary reason I’m noticing they remain in business (let’s face it, getting a job is often still easier at this point!) is the personal growth they’ve now become accustomed to.

Mustering confidence out of thin air is hard, especially if you feel out of your depth.  However, if you regard the situations that make you nervous as opportunities to gain knowledge through experience then your new mindset may alleviate your concerns.

Many of us have children and we are always encouraging them to learn and grow through experiential learning opportunities.  So why don’t we approach it the same way as we age?  Are we afraid we’ll look silly?  Afraid we’ll damage our reputations?  Afraid we’ll say or do the wrong thing and damage another?  Well, do you think your kid’s feelings are any different?  Of course not!

Remember how good you felt in your early twenties when you parachuted from a plane or passed an exam you thought was going to be hard or overcame some other fear?  Remember that feeling?  Remember that sense of invulnerability that came along with it?  Want to have that again? 

Feeling proud of yourself is without question the best feeling in the world.  Thing is, no one ever felt pride without overcoming a few obstacles.  The things that come easily don’t result in pride.  It’s the things that require effort and bravery that result in pride.

So here’s the take home message…

You deserve to feel the pride that comes from personal growth.  Once you’ve felt it, you’ll never look back.  So whatever your fears, treat them as personal growth opportunities and feel the high that comes from conquering them.

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