The birth of smartphones makes online videos always on-demand! People can more than easily access and watch videos 24/7… They can watch you whilst riding a bus, sitting and waiting for a friend or waiting for a coffee, basically anywhere and anytime. Which means, there are more opportunities to reach more consumers, faster.

According to recent studies, one in three adults between age 18 and 54 use their smartphones as their primary device in watching videos. (Source)

What does this mean?

For your business, this means you have more opportunities to meet your target audience through your videos and photography. Your audience today are consuming lots of videos and will surely increase as forecasted for the next few years. In fact ANIMOTO (an online platform that allows you to make short videos) said that 76.5% of marketers and small business owners in an Animoto survey who have used video marketing say it had a direct impact on their business. And 4x as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

… So Here’s How To Utilise Video + Photography To Grow Your Business Strategically:

Firstly, you need to make sure that your video is of value. Which means, it has to be informational and entertaining. It has to answer their questions or answer a problem that is related to your brand and to your expertise. Your videos needs to be interesting and engaging at the same time.We highly recommend working with a brand strategist for this.

Make sure your videos are viewable to all devices. It has to be responsive and can be played whether I am using a mobile phone, a computer, a laptop, a tv or an ipad. According to the latest study of Ipsos MediaCT, Smartphone users are more likely to watch and share ads and content from brands because it gives them deeper personal connection on mobile.

Be sensitive to the personal experience people have while watching your videos. Be sensitive on how they react on it or how they respond to it. And by saying that this translates to their comments in social media, are they loving it, are they liking it and are they sharing it to others. One brand for example used videos and conducted a study on using different thumbnails for the video and which of those are being clicked or being shared more, even if the video is just the same. With that study, they found out that one photo is more preferred by the target audience.  As an action plan they used it across all their social media accounts and gained popularity, which then translates to more views and increased in lead and eventually sales.

Use the magnetic videos & photos across all your social media platforms consistently. A consistent appearance or representation of your brand brings in trust value, much more if you have a professional website that houses your portfolio and everything about you or your business.

Create groups and participate in forums and online discussions that is related to your expertise. Answers questions politely and give valuable information to the groups or forums without having to sell them anything from your products and services. Make sure your presence will be felt and noticed.

Give free information. Being an expert doesn’t mean all your help or all the information from you needs to be paid. There are information or knowledge that we can share to everyone freely. Sometimes we call it common information, that are not really common to some. Information that are of value. It could be just an overview of what you do, or a simple tip on how things gets done. Some share free videos or downloadable infographics or fact sheets which are viewable in all devices.

Our audience today are smarter than what we think. They love the ability to choose, and they love to be in touch with the brands. Keep your videos and photography personal and emotionally moving. Keep that human connection alive. It takes a skill to make that come out from your brand. Work with an experienced photographer and strategist to help you get your story across with ease.

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