According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 725,000 Australians now work from home. The flexibility to do so is an increasingly sought after employee benefit, which is understandable when the extra hours saved on the commute allow many to spend more time with family, squeeze an extra hour at the gym, and maintain a healthier work-life balance.

However, working from home can also work against you – distractions which come from being in your own space such as chores and errands which need to be completed, your favourite show on TV or the urge to ‘procrasti-bake’ can all get in the way of a productive day.

To ensure you’re just as productive as you would be at the office, it’s important to create a productive space and use the right gear.

Here’s how:

Creating a productive space – Try choose somewhere away from noise and distractions, preferably with a door to shut them out completely. Not only will a physically separate space help you stay focused, but there won’t be any risk of background noise interrupting important conference calls.

Using the right tools – When purchasing home-office furniture, look for ergonomic benefits such as lumbar support and adjustable features. Having a comfortable chair and desk combo will help keep you ache-free when sitting down for long periods of time. If you would usually use a printer or multifunction centre at work, it may be useful to invest in one for your house which allows you to maintain the same availability and professionalism you have at an office. Then once you are finished, you can make sure all confidential documents stay that way with a personal shredder by your side.

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Natasha George