It doesn’t matter whether you are working from home or at an office – if your workplace environment is in chaos, your productivity will  suffer.

While having an orderly workplace is important, simplifying your workplace can help your business be more effective with communications, cut down on interruptions and use your time more efficiently to achieve something meaningful.

Here’s 5 ways to simplify your workplace:

  1. Keep your workplace clean and tidy – When was the last time you cleared out your workplace? Your desk may be due for a ‘decluttering session’, get rid of any items that are merely taking up space. Make sure to use an antibacterial wipe to clean any dust or germs that may have accumulated.
  2. Get tech smart – The right technology can vastly improve efficiency and productivity – the key is to find which tech solutions will help your business, and which will hold you back.
  3. Time management – Prioritising your workload is essential for working smarter not harder. Diaries, organisers, wall calendars and to-do lists are all office solutions which help you stay on track.
  4. Look after your greatest assest – You, your team, and your employees. when you focus on their health and wellbeing, not only do you reach your best potential with less effort and stress, but you will achieve a more motivated and positive work environment.
  5. Take a break – Taking breaks is known to leave you feeling energised, focused and refreshed while improving your productivity. This could be taking a walk outside or enjoying coffee away from your desk.

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Natasha George