Achieving success in your career often comes at a price, with long hours, high stress levels and little time for yourself. This can compromise your health and wellbeing, your relationships and your personal life. This year’s International Women’s Day theme #embraceequity recognises that we all have different circumstances and need different resources and opportunities to reach an equal outcome. This is especially true when it comes to work life balance.

Balance is not about giving everything and everyone the same time and attention. It’s about choosing where you want to focus and looking after yourself, so you have the energy to enjoy all aspects of your life. My “The Art of Achieving Work Life Balance” workshop at the recent Business in Heels Leadership Summit highlighted five key strategies and tools that you can use to help find your balance including:

  • Take care of yourself first because self-first is not selfish, especially if you’re taking care of others.
  • Prioritise what is most important to you and let your values not your job dictate how you spend your time and energy.
  • Make your own rules, take control and set your boundaries.
  • Simplify your life by making your not-to-do list as important as your to-do list.
  • Manage your energy through wellbeing practices that help you to replenish, rebalance and refocus.

Self awareness is the first step to creating a balanced and fulfilling life. Here are ten questions for you to reflect on that might inspire action.

  1. What does work-life balance mean to me, and what are my current challenges in achieving it?
  2. What are my top priorities in life, and how can I ensure that I’m dedicating enough time and energy to them?
  3. How can I incorporate wellbeing practices like yoga, meditation, or Reiki into my daily routine to support my physical and emotional wellbeing?
  4. What are my energy levels like throughout the day, and how can I manage my energy more effectively to avoid burnout and exhaustion?
  5. What changes can I make to simplify my life and reduce unnecessary stress and overwhelm?
  6. Am I setting intentions that align with my values and priorities, or am I solely focused on achieving goals that may not be fulfilling?
  7. What actions can I take to better prioritise my self-care and prioritise my wellbeing above work demands?
  8. How can I communicate my needs for work-life balance and wellbeing with my colleagues and employer, and what changes can we collectively make to support each other’s wellbeing?
  9. What impact is my current work-life balance having on my relationships, and how can I better nurture these important connections?
  10. How can I continuously reassess and adjust my work-life balance and personal wellbeing strategies to ensure I’m living a fulfilling and sustainable life?

If you want more balance in your life, look out for my upcoming Business in Heels lunch and learn session “From Exhausted to Energised: 5 Strategies for Achieving Sustainable Success in Your Professional and Personal Life” on 27th April.

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