Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know,
it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave – John Ruskin

When it comes to achieving results, most people already know what they need to do to get the results they want, they just don’t do it…

Some common examples are:
-We know what we need to do to lose weight but we don’t exercise and we succumb to eating things we know we shouldn’t eat…
-We know what we need to do to save money but we keep spending it…
-We know what we need to do to run a successful business but we fail to implement success habits…
-We know what we need to do to save a failing marriage, to be better parents, better partners, better friends, better employees just to name a few, yet we continue to do things we don’t want to do, even though we know those things will give us results we don’t want to get…

So, what causes us to self-sabotage our attempts to create desirable changes in our lives?
The answer is our programming!

Our brains are intrinsically designed to filter out information that doesn’t support the way we have been uniquely programmed. As information from the external world comes in via our senses; what we see, hear, feel, taste and touch, our brains begin to filter the information based on our programming (our values, our beliefs, our self-image, attitudes and memories). This being the case, whenever we attempt to accomplish something that is not aligned with the existing programs we have around these, our minds will find ways to bring us back into alignment with them.

Scientific research has discovered that the conscious part of the mind only makes up about 17% of total brain mass and therefore, only controls approximately 2-4% of our perceptions and behaviour.
The subconscious part of the mind however, makes up about 83% of total brain mass and therefore, it controls approximately 96-98% of our perceptions and behaviour!

Knowledge is held on a conscious level but our programs are held on a subconscious level. As a result of the subconscious mind being the predominant driver behind our perceptions and behaviour, our conscious attempts at creating change where there is a misalignment with subconscious programming, will cause us self-sabotage ourselves.

The word Education comes from the Latin word ‘Educo’ meaning to induce, to develop or to draw out from within. So, education is about understanding and developing ourselves from the inside out, not just about acquiring more knowledge. Having knowledge or knowing more is futile if we don’t know how to put the knowledge we acquire into practice based on the way we have been uniquely wired up!

If you want your current state of reality to be different in any area of your life, you must know and understand who you are and learn how to ignite change in the subconscious mind! It’s no harder to learn and implement the process of reprogramming your mind than it is to exhaust energy, time, money and resources on quick fixes that are usually only sustainable short term. It costs you either way!

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Karen Culjak
Life Success and Thought Startegist