There is nothing more pleasing in business than to receive a testimonial.  It’s a gratitude filled advertorial money can’t buy.  Someone standing up and saying wonderful things about you and your business is so much more powerful than you doing it yourself.  The influence it has over a crowd is remarkable.  The best testimonials convey emotional content and appreciation and describe how someone fixed a problem that may have otherwise had damaging consequences.

So – how do you put yourself in a position to receive testimonials?  How do make others want to take time out of their busy day to write one for you?  Well, assuming you do great work, the answer is simple…

Write one for them first.

There’s nothing quite like doing someone a favour.  It just makes them want to give you one right back! 

There’s another thing about testimonials – they lower people’s guards.  Someone expressing genuine appreciation for our efforts makes us a little warm and fuzzy toward them, doesn’t it?  It sounds silly yet it’s true – we become grateful for their gratitude.  That feeling of gratefulness creates receptiveness in our minds.  So if you want to create an opportunity to talk to someone about business possibilities, perhaps, if genuine, writing a gripping testimonial may help to warm what may have otherwise been a cold call. 

Is it manipulative?  If it’s insincere – most certainly!  However, many business partnerships have developed due to mutual admiration and respect and testimonials are a way of showing these.  Beyond that, imagine how many business partnerships have not developed because that admiration remained muted.

The bottom line is simple – it’s okay to say good things about another in a sincere manner and to thank people.  Their reaction to compliments and gratitude is up to them.  So get behind the keyboard and bang out a few genuine testimonials.  You might be surprised by the reactions you receive.  A testimonial coming back your way or perhaps another business opportunity would be nice, wouldn’t it? 

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