Pretty young blond woman in Maui, Hawaii leaning head back and laughing.

As I was driving home from my sisters one day, I stopped to buy some vege’s at a roadside stall. The man on the stall said something funny and I laughed. He then commented that my laugh was like music, so vibrant and joyous. He went on to say I had a light shining and it was such a pleasure seeing and talking to someone with such a positive energy.

I know he probably just wanted to sell some produce, but it made my day to have such wonderful compliments. I know that small interaction put a smile on my face for the rest of the day, perhaps it did for the man selling the fruit and veg too. And as I got back into my car for the drive home I thought about how a real laugh can change a person’s day.

This was a significant moment for me, because for such a long time I had been living in a deep depression, and there had not been any kind of positive energy within me. And now it was visible to others that my light was back on.

After starting my training with the Institute of Women International, and going through my personal Creatrix® Breakthrough, I have noticed that I feel my laugh again.

What?? I can hear you saying!!

Have you ever put a smile on your face when you don’t actually feel like it? Pretended something was funny when it really wasn’t? YES, we all have at some point. Well I believe that I had been doing this for many years. I don’t exactly know when, but at some point I stopped feeling joy, stopped feeling anything at all really. No matter how funny a joke may have been, or if I made some kind of laughing noise, the feeling never reached inside to touch my heart or soul, or put a (real) smile on my face.

Since my transformation I can feel my laugh reverberate through my body, and it’s like this ball of joy explodes from my core, filling me with happiness, peace, & calming energy. WOW, sounds fantastic doesn’t it!! Well it feels fantastic too!!

I now often find myself sitting on the lounge, just watching some random TV show, like “The Graham Norton Show” or “Modern Family”, and really laughing out loud, and noticing a wonderful feeling inside, and being so grateful to be me again.

My point being that the simplest of things can make a huge impact on our life. We may not have noticed our joy or our laugh slipping away with the daily stress & frustrations of life. We may not have been aware that this simple feeling can also be our saving grace from those stresses.

 DO YOU feel your body vibrate with joy, when you laugh???

Life is short, we all know this. We need to have as many wonderful, joyful moments as we can. This is possible! I am the proof! And I am passionate about helping other women get their JOY and laughter back too.

If you can’t remember what that feels like to be in a moment of joy and happiness, then we need to talk!!


This is your chance to say: I am taking control of my happiness! Today is the end for any and all negative emotions that are holding me back from enjoying my life. I am taking action to get rid of them and will welcome back the fabulous life I was always intended to live.

Act now, take a step towards your wonderful future!!

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