Many of us think that because we run the business, are the Chief Chick in Charge that means we need to know everything. I am here to debunk that myth, it’s a recipe for disaster, overwhelm and depression. And yet many people I chat with daily are trying to do just that, which prompted me to share these practical tips.

Why can’t I know it all & run a successful business? Don’t I need to know it all? How can I employ people if I don’t know what they are doing?

This is how a lot of our phone conversations go and here are five reasons why it simply doesn’t work

  • There are too many different facets to business from strategy, accounts, marketing & sales etc for you to know them all in detail. Most people are not good at or like all these different areas.
  • You are usually not good at doing things you hate. You procrastinate over doing them & often do them badly
  • If you are waiting to have specialist knowledge in all these areas then you are the ROADBLOCK.
  • Have you heard the saying you don’t know what you don’t know? Well, it’s true
  • Learning new things takes time, especially applying them to your business with lots of obstacles & roadblocks along the way

Now we have you over all your excuses, you have stepped aside and got out of your way. Well done! You are now in the right frame of mind to accept some useful & practical tips to fast-track your success.

5 Tips for Getting the Info you need to run your business

  1. Mindset It is critical to be in the frame of mind that you can & will make this business a success. Hangout with inspiring people, trailblazers that inspire you
  2. Decide which areas you want to learn more about, those that are essential to your success, like sales & marketing and which areas you will need to outsource.
  3. Attend workshops with experts so you can ask questions, explain your situation & learn what is applicable to you.
  4. Hang out with other businesspeople, make connections, build relationships & collaborate
  5. Attend Business Expos to see what facets of the business you don’t know about, chat with experts & determine if this is important or to be outsourced

Okay, that’s it for today’s Fast-track tips. I hope that you found the tips useful, something that you can apply right away. Remember the minute you start justifying why you need to know it all then you are holding back your business.