Effective networking is about helping people make connections. So here are three sectors we all know operators in where you can help others make useful connections. Connect a few of these and you’ll be establishing your credentials as the Go-to-Girl and building up your personal store of goodwill along the way.

1. The Financial Sector is full of accountants who want to meet bookkeepers and vice-versa. Financial planners love probate lawyers because they deal with will beneficiaries who may not know what to do with their new windfall. Insurance brokers love everyone with a business, farm, car, house, income and health.  They like travellers too.  Intro them!

2. The Real Estate world is full of agents, conveyancers, handymen, tradies, property stylists, curtain and blind installers, carpet layers, property developers and mortgage brokers. Each is a link in the chain that either makes a house a home or prepares a home to sell. Think about the members of this group you know and trust and connect them. They’ll be forever grateful! 

3. Weddings Planners need reception venues, florists, cake makers, caterers, marquee suppliers, dress makers, celebrants, tailors and, dare I say it, someone to supply HEELS.  Think about their position in the wedding cycle and introduce them.  

So – how do you make these introductions?  The first thing to do is ask each other’s permission. Next, do an email intro similar to…

Hey Jo and Lisa,

Lisa, Jo is a skilled wedding planner who uses the services of many professionals to bring an event together. She has expressed interest in meeting you to learn more about your business.

Jo, Lisa is an exceptional florist who puts together eye-catching displays for corporates and private events. She is excellent at meeting budgets while achieving impact.

I’m sure you two will find plenty to talk about.

And finally; chances are many of these operators already know others in the group. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to meet more. Make it happen and leave grateful people in your wake.

Happy connecting.

Jo and Lisa.