We all should know by now that networking is about helping people.  This builds up a store of goodwill that flows back to the helper when the opportunity to do so arises.  After all, we don’t forget the people who have helped us and want to return the love.

Testimonials are a valuable gift because they help business owners build credibility.  Know anyone whose business would benefit from some of that?  If so, and you can give one with sincerity, then as soon as you finish reading this blog go write a testimonial!

Testimonials have a simple structure…

1. Describe the problem and how it restricted your progress.

2. Tell us how that made you feel.

3. Enter the White Lady on her shimmering black horse.

4. Outline how she went about her work and solved the problem.

5. Explain the sense of relief you experienced once you discovered you could get on with life again.

6. Recommend the White Lady!

And that’s it!  Keep it simple and from the heart.

But there’s no point gathering testimonials if they just collect cyber dust in your hard drive.  You’ve got to let people know about them!  

So post them on your website, Facebook page, newsletter and your Business in Heels Xchange profile.  Demonstrate to all your communities that you have what it takes to provide great customer service and get the job done.  

Is that boasting?  No!  Boasting is when you say how wonderful you are.  Other people’s positive assessments of your business are compliments!  Bask in them.  They are a common marketing tool that are known to yield results.  The key is to get them out there in as many channels as are available.

So help yourself by giving them when deserved.  After all, giving one just might be the gentle prompt required that results in you receiving one.  And make sure you splash them about when you receive them.

Now, what are you waiting for?  Start writing!