The 6 Traits of a Good Networker

 A recent survey has revealed the top traits of great networkers.  Some of the results may surprise you in terms of the personality types that make good networkers.  We’ll discuss this after the list.

A great networker…

·         Is a great listener.  Look it stands to reason, if you absorb and understand the messages and stories of others you can recount them and pass on referrals and recommendations more easily. It also demonstrates a heightened level of interest in people.  That’s vital for effective networking.

·         Has a positive attitude.  Hands up if you like whingers!  Anyone? Hands up if you like negativity. I suspect not too many hands are up again.  Look, positivity attracts positivity and as business owners that’s what we want to be surrounded with.  Consequently, having a positive attitude will help to make you a magnet for others. That will make it easier to form great business relationships, won’t it?

·         Has great enthusiasm.  Nothing sells like enthusiasm.  If I’m talking to someone about their business and I don’t detect a spark of passion or motivation I know the service they deliver will be lacklustre.  I gotta be honest – that’s not a person I want delivering service to me so I don’t want a business relationship with them.  And if that’s the case, how am I ever going to recommend them to others?  Remember – enthusiasm is a huge selling feature.

·         Is grateful.  We have all gone out of our way to help people.  Nothing is more irritating to helpful people than a lack of gratitude. So if you are on the receiving end of generosity make sure the person helping you is aware that you are thankful for their efforts.  Let’s face it, the gifts they give are likely to dry up if no gratitude is expressed.

·         Sincerity.  We can all spot a fake and when we do we feel uncomfortable dealing with them.  Just like enthusiasm, honesty and sincerity are wonderful selling features so exhibit them by doing what you say you will do.

·         Follows up on referrals.  When you receive a referral, someone else has put their neck on the 

line for you. Respecting their efforts by following up the referral is critical.  Rest assured, if you don’t, you’ll never receive another referral from that person again.  Worse, you can be very confident your referral partner will tell others you didn’t follow up and so your other referral sources may begin to dry up.

The important thing to note about personality types here is that none of the traits or practices above rely on the person being an extravert.  Often people say, “I can never be a good networker because I’m so shy.”  Well, shyness has nothing to do with sincerity or gratitude or enthusiasm.  So don’t let being an introvert hold you back.