The follow-up is the single most highly prized habit of skilled networkers. The reasons are self-evident – feedback, education, to build rapport and relationship maintenance being chief among them. But every year, about now, there comes an opportunity to deepen relationships in another completely selfless manner. Christmas is an excellent time to give with no expectation of issuing a receipt. 

These gifts need not cost anything – let’s face it, another calendar is not what your clients want anyway! Instead, be creative and give them what they really want. And what’s that? Ladies, we’re business owners – WE WANT BUSINESS! 

That doesn’t mean you go to your clients and buy up big. It means spending time thinking about their businesses and considering which of your contacts may be able to provide desirable referrals to them. 

For example, if a client is a financial planner, think about probate lawyers you know. Probate lawyers deal with people who have just received an inheritance and may not know how to invest it. 

Or maybe one of your clients is an Arbonne consultant. If so, think about the people you know working in office buildings. There is always an expectant mum about to go on maternity leave who’s to be given a present or someone about to have a birthday. Arbonne consultants love this! 

You might know a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers love accountants. If you know one suggests they get together for a coffee. 

Photographers love taking family pictures for Mothers’ Day or mums’ birthdays. 

Reception venues love brides-to-be and their mothers. So do pastry chefs, florists, bridal boutiques and celebrants. 

Estate agents love home buyers. Home buyers love conveyancers. Conveyancers love land surveyors.  Land surveyors love town planners. 

Transactions are often tied to other transactions. Creative thinking will help to uncover these links. 

It’s often said, it’s the thought that counts. So make your thoughts count – for your clients. They’ll be forever grateful.