Many entrepreneurs and corporate leaders are overwhelmed by solitude.  While the spread of the internet has enabled a multitude of virtual connections, we may not feel like opening up to them on matters of an emotional or business nature.  As we all know, with us girls, these are often intertwined.  After all, we put so much of our personal stock into the businesses that we often take both the acceptance and the rejection of clients personally.  The rollercoaster this puts us on can be overpowering. 

This is why real-world connections are more important than ever.  They help us to understand the value of personal human contact.  Through these interactions, genuine connections are made where we can establish who we trust and do business with and who may cross the line into friendship and confidante.   

No matter which of these categories people fall into, some or all may develop into those whose opinions you value.  Such people are beneficial to have close as they act as a store of knowledge for you to draw upon during those inevitable times when problems are on the verge of overwhelming.   

When this occurs, organise a coffee date and use them as mentors.  They’ll be flattered!  Discuss the issues which are getting the better of you and await your own “Aha” moment when the solution percolates to the surface.  

In my experience, the people who are best at this role rarely make statements.  Instead, they ask questions.  This is because they understand they can never know your problem as well as you.  Consequently, they use their inquiries to present your problem right back at you from a different perspective.  Often, the answer has been right in front of you all along. 

So get out from behind your cybertronic virtual world or corporate shell and mingle with real people.  You may even find someone approaches you for a few answers.   


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