Networking is doing what is required to build up a store of goodwill in others. By doing this, you are creating a mindset in the people you have helped that makes them want to return the favour. Consequently, it’s an especially effective technique for women who are, in general, more community-minded and given to giving than men.

Why bother you ask? Well these statistics speak for themselves.

“More than 65% of new business comes from Referrals.” New York Times

“83% of Facebook readers trust recommendations from their connections.” Neilson

“87% of buyers go out and look for advice before choosing. More than 50% of these buyers seek such advice from their social media contacts.” Buyer Sphere.

Where do you meet them?

Here are a few ideas :-     

Chambers of Commerce   


Business Chicks

Business Professional Women

Ruby Connections

League of Extraordinary Women

Business Networking International – BNI

  And of course …. Business in Heels

And this is a shortlist! Each of these has their own flavour, methods and culture. When you find one you want to visit, put in the call and get yourself along. Minimise the bravery required by bringing a friend.

Do I fit in? Does this suit me? Was I made welcome? What business or career types are attracted to each group? What’s the culture? It’s hard to ascertain answers to these on a website so visit a few and work it out for yourself.

When you work out one suits you more than others become a regular attendee and build relationships slowly. This is critical – don’trush it!

People who rush a relationship are instinctively untrustworthy.

Now our last piece of advice..

 Get off your butt! Get brave! Get over yourself! Get active! And get on with it!

Now, click your heels three times and repeat, “There’s no place like home.”


Lisa and Jo