Who else loves heels? They uplift, expose, conceal, dazzle, make us leggy and can promote conversation. What was that last one? Yep, promote conversation. Well then, since you’re at a networking event, they could be seen as a tool to break the ice. So use this as the excuse you need to come up with a little sparkle on your feet… a little Ruby Slipper action. Dianna Ferrari is waiting!

Look, it doesn’t matter what you use, but something noticeable about the way you present yourself is beneficial as it provides an opening for others to approach you. At a networking event, this is an easy way to make yourself the Go-to-Girl!

Some tasteful bling, a hairdo, nail polish, do you or don’t you expose that tattoo – you know what we mean. These are all easy ways of making an instant connection and are especially helpful to shy types.

Additionally, they are an excellent way of identifying you by description for those who forgot your name. This will help people who do remember you to pass on your name.

Your Friend

Regard your friend as your wingchick (not your chicken wing!) Look out for each other. Be prepared to rescue, intervene, redirect and protect. The solidarity of your friendship is of greater value than anything a networking event can bring. Rehearse your elevator pitches with each other and offer constructive advice if appropriate. And remember, your friends often sell you better than you do!

Clients, prospective clients and associates are excellent company for a networking event. Ask them to come along to see what it’s all about. They need to make connections too and will be grateful to the person who exposed them to the opportunity.

Leave Your Troubles at the Door

That fight you had with your husband is history now. The irritation caused by that client has passed. The flat tyre you got on the way to work was crap at the time but now…

!!!You’re Over All That!!!

And if you’re not, don’t walk through that door and into a networking event. Just don’t!

Ask yourself a simple question – Would you regard the person who takes this baggage into a networking event, the person wearing the sour expression, the person demonstrating an inability to manage themselves as referrable in a professional capacity? Of course not. Look, we all have stuff going on and we all react to it differently and in our own time. But here’s the bottom line, it’s a cliché and it’s true…

You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression.


Lisa & Jo


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