How do you introduce yourself for maximum impact when networking? What are the traits of a great connector? Why are some people so confident at networking and others look like they’d soon not be there? This article will give you tips, techniques and information to become more confident at network, and actually enjoy it!



Just the sheer term ‘networking’ makes many people shiver in their ‘heels’. The thought of walking into a room of strangers can bring on a panic attack for many people. Currently, with COVID-19 restrictions, many of us are entering virtual rooms to meet and network through events. The moment you click the mouse to ‘enter’ the virtual room can make a person’s heart miss a beat, as your thrust into a room of unknown faces.


But don’t fear … there are techniques that can help guide you and give you more confidence to start a conversation, join a conversation, build a conversation, and in turn, network.


So the big question is; how do we introduce ourselves with confidence and make a positive impact with whom we are talking to?


We follow a four-step guide –

  1. Name, title and company. Begin your conversation by stating your name, title and company, that way fellow networkers can understand immediately what type of role you are in and where you are from. This information, although may seem basic, helps your fellow networkers to understand your connection to the event and questions they may ask you.
  2. Explain how your role supports the company. Rather than just stating what you do in your role, explain how your role supports the company. For example, if you’re the Marketing Manager you may mention that you work across building the company brands, customer engagement opportunities and management of the digital platforms.
  3. Include three skills you’re known for and a short story demonstrating your use of these skills, and how they create a positive result. For example: in your role you are known for collaborations, big ideas and strategy. A short story could be; you recently proposed a collaboration with a company to run a marketing promotion across both companies, the campaign was a great success and resulted in a 20% increase in sales and a 25% increase in digital engagements.
  4. Repetition makes you memorable, so repeat your name, title and company! When you first meet someone it can be hard to remember their name, title and company – an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness can take over the brain. So, repeat it … be memorable, stand out and be confident.


Practices these four tips in front of the mirror of ‘how to introduce yourself’, this technique can help to tackle the nervousness – look yourself in the eyes and be confident in what you are saying to introduce yourself for ‘maximum impact’.




What are the traits of a great connector & networker?


There are five standout skills in being a great connector when you are networking and meeting people;


  1. A great listener. Listen intently to what your contact is talking about. Give good eye contact and have your body and feet focused toward your contact is showing positive body language.
  2. Positive attitude. Keep positive during the conversation, no one likes to connect with a negative, pessimistic person – that just makes networking harder than it should be.
  3. Show enthusiasm. Enjoy the conversation and show enthusiasm; whether that is nodding your head to the conversation, smiling or a laugh – be involved in the conversation.
  4. Be sincere. Being sincere helps to connect with people, it shows them you’re being genuine.
  5. Follow up. After you’ve worked so hard in your networking, remember to follow up with the new connections. Whether you connect with your new contacts through social media sites, LinkedIn or email – it’s a very important step in developing your skills as a networker.



As a professional, networking is a key skill to learn and master for many reasons. Introducing yourself for maximum impact and building your skills as a great connector are learned skills. Write these tips down or print them out and keep on your desk or keep on your phone … ready for the next networking event!


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