Excellent!  You’ve recognised the benefits of networking, you’re thinking abundantly, you’ve selected a group, you’re keen to make it work patiently and you’re ready to kick networking butt!

So now what?

Well, now it’s time to prepare…

You know people are going to be asking what you do, right?  So, get that elevator pitch sorted!

People are going to look at you.  So, what are you going to wear?

Okay, let’s not go through all the questions now.  Instead, let’s get to some answers!

Your Elevator Pitch

When networking, your elevator pitch is the opening to your sales funnel.  So take a moment and consider what makes you you and your business unique.  Think about your ideal clients and how you may like to work them into the pitch. 

Consider this as a response to the question, “What do you do?”…

“Thanks for asking.  Small business owners come to us for assistance with their bookkeeping needs.  They’re often amazed at the efficiencies and strategies their businesses can benefit from after a single consultation.  Seeing the transformation come over them as they realise their admin could be so much easier is a real thrill.”

The ideal clients are mentioned and the benefits they receive.  It not salesy, not pushy and not ‘look at me, look at me!’  It’s also better than saying, “I’m a bookkeeper.”

Here’s another…

“People selling houses often want to spruce it up prior to an auction or open for inspection.  Giving it the lift it needs by de-cluttering, maybe a coat of paint or supplying stand-in furniture is lots of fun.  Clients can see an instant improvement and this results in a better sales price for them.  You know, being an interior designer is absolutely the best thing ever!”

A simple story including the benefits to the client and some enthusiasm to finish with.  Is this better than, “I’m an interior designer.”?

Or this…

“Our candles are flammable works of art that make rooms smell divine.  They are little aromatic sensual mood-inducers that can stimulate or relax depending on the scent and they always draw comments because they are so visually appealing.”

Ladies – do you want to buy one of these candles?

Here’s the key to these.  They’re not labels.  They’re descriptions that allow some of your personality and enthusiasm for what you do to shine through.  Would you rather engage with a person who is passionate about what they do or someone who says, “I’m an accountant.”

There is something else to note about these.  In none of them does the word ‘I’ appear.  Too often, people get side-tracked by how important they think they are.  We at Business in Heels have some harsh news for you – your business’s success depends on the benefits you provide to your clients.  So learn to communicate in a manner that takes “I” out of the equation.

There’s a lot more to elevator pitches that applies to individual personality types.  These are covered in blogs on the website.  If you’re interested to learn more about your specific personality type and what to watch out for when delivering your pitch go to click on the blog tab.


Lisa and Jo