Do you see the big picture? Are you a little too blunt sometimes? Do you love accepting challenges and getting straight to the point? 

Well, maybe you’ve been blessed with the Dominant personality as defined by DISC profilers.

Blessed? Yes – blessed. You see, we’ve all got flaws and strengths. They are what make us human. If you want perfection you’re living on the wrong planet. So whenever you’re dealing with people, you’re dealing with a whole package of mannerisms, smarts, abilities and personalities. 

Dominant types place great emphasis on accomplishing results. So if you’ve got a problem in your business that just needs fixing they are great to have on your team. Keep them busy in a defined area that is their domain and let them solve those problems for you. However, understand that dominant doesn’t necessarily equal competent!

Sometimes dominant types are perceived as brash and uncaring due to their ability to focus on the outcome at the expense of the people involved. The dominant type will sweep away others’ concerns and march toward the goal with great determination.

If this is you, understand that others might regard your behaviour as forceful. Recognise that your talents are sought after and valued but perhaps your methods are sometimes considered problematic. 

If you feel this aspect of your personality may be holding you back in a networking sense, try to – 

Restrain your desire to interject in conversations,

Allow others to have the last say,

Lower your voice.

Consider the opinions of others.

On the flip side, understand that people like you – 

Get things done,

Can attract followers,

Confidently go about their business,

Act quickly and decisively.

Perfection is over-rated. However, working on your ability to network by taking into account your specific personality type will be beneficial. We all relate in different ways. Recognise your ways and modify if you feel it’s appropriate.