Real estate disruptor seeks investors

Next Address is Australia’s first online real estate marketplace. Next Address uses the power of technology to connect home sellers directly to interestedbuyers, saving thousands. The website provides a range of tools to support the sale process, from the property valuation right through to a negotiation system.

Next Address puts you in complete control. This simple, yet ingenious website maximises technology to create an easy to use, affordable real estate platform. We have created a real estate experience based on the principles of integrity, honesty and transparency, which gives home buyers and sellers control, saves time and money.

In Australia around 500,000 houses are sold each year. At the moment, only 5% of Australians sell their homes outside of the traditional real estate model. We want to increase this number to 20% within 10 years. They have 6000 houses listed on the site; and a growing database and are well on the way to disrupting the market.

Next Address and AusPost Regional Pitchfest

AusPost Regional Pitchfest was an opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to pitch their ideas to a live audience and expert panel for a chance to win a share of $100,000 in prizes. Next Address CEO, Julie O’Donohue won the Victorian state final in June. Julie’s pitch focused on using technology to make the sale and purchase of homes less costly for Australians.

You can own shares in Next Address

The next stage for Next Address is to secure funding for full-scale launch. Our goal is to secure $1.5m through crowd funding, angel investors and key strategic partnerships.

Recent changes to Australian tax laws mean that investors can now buy shares in innovation companies. Previously the tax laws only allowed the purchase of crowdfunded shares in product-based companies.

This change is a huge opportunity for companies like Next Address because it allows smaller investors to be secure shares. These changes come into effect in Australia on the 29th September 2017.  You could be part of the disruption of the traditional real estate or choose to buy into other crowd funding opportunities. 

Next Address partnership with Pozible company Birchal

Recently crowdfunding platform Pozible announced its new equity funding platform, Birchal. Once the new ESIC legislation comes into effect on September 29th, companies can make their equity crowdfunding campaign live, and start engaging with investors.

Next Address CEO and Founder Julie O’Donohue says “We are so excited to be partnering with Birchal to grow Next Address. Soon, Australian investors will be able to own a part of companies like Next Address.  We see this as an exciting shift for Australians who can now be part of the journey of many start up companies and share in the benefits.” For more information on investing in Next Address, click  here

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