Too often lately, I’m seeing great quality business operators send mixed messages to their audiences.  This is especially happening on video.  If you have been spending a painstaking amount of time building rapport with your audience and they believe you to be a sophisticated, fashionable interior designer imagine their surprise when they see you filming a Facebook live in jeans and a torn T-shirt while in an unkempt backyard.  The mismatch your audience feels will raise questions about the person they thought they knew.  As people are quick to judge, you may find fewer viewers when next you grace the tiny screen.

Marketing of any description must remain congruent with your brand.  If your brand stands for frivolity and unabashed freedom then promote this concept through your marketing images, words and video.  If it stands for a fastidious adherence to details and schedules then reflect that in your channels.  Sticking to type will build audience loyalty because they feel a connection with a set of principles and values they have either adopted themselves or aspire to.  These are the people who will readily purchase from you when the time is right for them.

Brand loyalty can take ages to build yet be lost in a heartbeat – especially if competition is high in your field! 

So here’s the thing…

Your brand is a valuable asset to your business.  It’s more valuable than your office furniture, your company car and all your previous customers put together.  Why?  Because for so many small business operators, your reputation is your brand and that’s what makes your phone ring in the future.

If you don’t believe it, think back a few years to when Volkswagen falsified their emissions data, Nike used sweat shop labour or the latest sports stars were found to be drug cheats.  Yes, these are extreme examples but the concept is the same – we believed one thing then new information made us question this.  We felt let down, cheated, silly for having believed in the first place.  Don’t give the audience you’ve worked so hard to build a reason to think this about you.

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Tiffany Slack-Smith