Okay, so you’ve been mulling over the idea in the last blog about how you’re going to get your business out of the labour for hourly income trap.  And hopefully you’ve been thinking about the skills or expertise you possess that others value!  So now it’s a case of how to package your knowledge in a way that’s comfortable to you and attractive to your target market.

Let’s run through a few ideas…

1.      The simplest way to communicate is speaking.  Prepare a script or list of topics to address related to the knowledge you wish to convey and film yourself delivering it.  Get one of the many software packages available to edit and splice your content, learn how to use it and produce a video that shows you strutting your stuff.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be just you talking to an iphone.  Work in other experts, charts, graphs and animations.

2.      A book.  Writing isn’t for everyone and, frankly, neither is speaking!  Pick the one you feel comfortable with and go for it.  Books are in many forms these days from the old style hard copy, to e-books and audio books.  If your target is time poor (aren’t they all?) these last two are very convenient.  Write your copy, keep it engaging and package it as you see fit.  If producing an audio book, make sure your reader has an agreeable tone. 

3.      A Power Point Presentation.  We’ve all seen them and we’ve all seen them fail.  The trick to a good power point is not to include too much info on the slides.  The slides should be sound bites merely containing the essential points.  These should be discussed, interpreted and examined so your audience fully understands your concepts.  Including animations will lighten this style of presentation significantly!

There are also other ideas like podcasts, interviews and webinars.  They’re slightly more techie but if you educate yourself you’ll make it work and have a product that just needs an audience.  And that brings us to the final in this series – selling your product while you sleep.

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