Okay, so ideas, thinking and actions are starting to come together and everyone has a good feeling about the general direction.  You may not have it completely bolted down yet but mostly, it’s pretty good.  Well, let’s keep it going with regular meetings.

Communication and action are the keys to the success of any business relationship. So organise weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings to work out –

•Where you are (Starting Point.) Take stock of your position via a simple SWOT analysis.  Knowing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats will inform you of your potential.

•Where you want to be (Goal.) Every business venture needs a goal to guide it.  Work out what each member hopes to achieve.

•What needs to be done to get you there (Actions.)  Formulate the plan.  How often will you meet?  Will the chairperson for the meeting be cyclical? How will agenda items be determined?

•Who’s going to do what by when (Accountability.)  When things need to be done you need to know by whom and by when.  Without that written down, it’s highly likely not much action will take place.  Setting agreed expectations is critical.

Let’s face it, this little cabal is still in its infancy so decisions need to be made and actions taken to ensure the goal is achieved.  Sounds businesslike, right?  That means regular meetings with an agenda are required to ensure you’re not just meeting for coffee and a chat.  Don’t take that the wrong way – there’s nothing wrong with coffee and a chat, if that’s all you’re after.  But you’ll quickly tire of it if you’re not getting anywhere so use a proven structure to set guidelines.

This is where the rubber hits the road and if you’ve found the right group of committed people then it’s worth giving yourselves some structure and sharing responsibility equitably.  If you can get all this to come together, you’re on a real winner.

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