Your elevator pitch can be the difference between someone wanting to hear more and yawning.  People’s attention spans are short and getting shorter so cut to the chase.  The phrase developed when skyscrapers were first being built and lifts were slow so you had the potential for 4 minutes together.  These days, buildings are taller but the elevators are much much faster.  12 seconds may be all you’ve got to get to your floor – so make it snappy!   

A great pitch has two elements aside from your name.  First, your title; second, who you help. 

A title is self-explanatory but is not to be overlooked in terms of importance.  If describing a position that’s been around for 100 years, don’t reinvent the wheel.  You’ll look like a wanker!  For example, don’t call yourself a Pre-Loved Personal Transport Purveyor if you’re a used car salesman.  Call yourself a used car salesman!  That’s what you are and everyone immediately understands it.  In an elevator pitch, the last thing you want to do is alienate yourself. 

However, if you have a relatively new-world position in the hi-tech realm for example, then have fun with it!  “Francine Walker, Chief Gadgetron with Futuristic Industries…” or “Marlene Highton, Innovatrix at Satellite Tech…”  Instantly, you’ve created an inquiring mind and people want to learn more. 

Once you’ve grabbed their interest hold onto it.  The second part of your pitch is where you hammer the nail home.  Most people start this sentence with, “I help people…” and that’s great but everyone’s doing it!  So those three words instantly make you part of the crowd.  To keep their interest don’t follow this script.  How about…  

“Clients appreciate my ability to…” 

“People like the way I…” 

“Customers are relieved after I’ve…” 

In these examples, your clients are first and you’re second.  Isn’t that the subliminal message you want to convey?  Immediately, the person you’re talking to knows you’re all about your clients and are likely to provide great service.   

So try these tips and notice the different reactions you receive.  And don’t be surprised if the person you’re talking to wants to get off at your floor to learn more about you.



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