To create transformational change, strong social connection within teams, high performance and delivery of outcomes there is a crucial ingredient to the mix.


The more respect you have from those you are leading the greater the impact of your leadership intention. When we look at many great leaders, they generated a following through a powerful cause, something that people had respect for and therefore followed.

We hear the stories of leaders who are doing grand things, uniting their tribe, transforming an organisation from horror to halo, developing many powerful leaders along the way. How? R.E.S.P.E.C.T – Aretha Franklin you had it right girl.

Great leaders create an unwavering swell of respect from those they are leading, how? To generate such respect from their team and followers the leader has manifested a healthy level of respect for themselves. Richard Branson said, ‘Respect is how you treat everyone, not just those you want to impress’ – EVERYONE, that includes you! Respect for self is so powerful.

Respect yourself, your whole self. Know what respect means to you, what is looks like, sounds like and feels like. The more you respect yourself you generate a vibration, an aura, that others are attracted to, pick up on and want to be around. Our unconscious mind works in magical ways and it’s always looking for signs, behaviours, attitudes that will support us, guide us. Staff look to their manager, their leader, for these signs and what you present from the inside out is key. I believe ‘Respect’ is a core characteristic for a great leader, and that is why it is one of my 12 leadership principles. I embrace respect both ways, like I do with all my principles of leadership. When I am respecting myself I have a greater ability and vibration to create respectful relationships with others. The true definition of respect is ‘…a deep admiration of one’s abilities; regarding one’s feelings, rights and wishes….’ How do you show deep admiration for yourself? How do you show regard for your feelings, rights and wishes?

Here are my tips on how to respect self.

1. Respectful self-talk – the words we speak and hear have a great impact on our mind and therefore our identity and beliefs. Show respect to yourself through your self-talk that supports you.

2. Seek to understand – when you are feeling certain emotions, experiencing certain thoughts and going against your self grain – ask why. Seek to understand what is behind that so you can work through the triple AAA process – Awareness, Acceptance, Action.

3. Feedback and Celebrate – like with your staff members, give yourself feedback and celebrate what you achieve. Every step closer to the outcome deserves recognition. Respect your efforts through feedback and celebration.

4. Gratitude – Also is one of my 12 leadership principles. When we are grateful for what we have, what we achieve and what you have the ability to do we are showing respect for our life choices and decisions. Respect your journey through gratitude.

5. Be authentic – to ‘BE YOU’ shows the utmost respect to yourself. Hiding your true self and ‘BEING’ someone else in your leadership role attracts the same from others.

6. Set your standard. – This is where personal/professional boundaries come into play. If you want others to respect your boundaries, respect them yourself. Set the standard through your own self respect.

Commitments to self are powerful, respecting them is where the magic happens. Respect your map of the world, your experiences, your choices, your values and beliefs. This empowers you to step into your true identity as a leader and rise strong to lead others with self respect. I have a saying, ‘What we generate for ourselves internally, is what we manifest for ourselves externally – leading from the inside out’.

What is one thing that you are going to do now to respect yourself and rise as the leader you want to ‘BE’?

Sherren Edkins