Leading a team can be one of the most rewarding gig’s, it can also be one of the most challenging.

As the world is gripped by this unfolding crisis, each nation is taking their own drastic measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their people and their economy. Our nation’s leaders are making tough decisions, many which seem to be causing divide in the community. We all view this from our own space and lens, which is different to the person next to us, to the person down the street and to the person making the decision. We all have a different view, values and belief system and rationale behind our interpretation of what is happening. Leadership is about truth telling, the cold hard facts, the raw reality of a situation.

A tough gig! Yet one that you are ready and able to achieve….that’s right!

For those leaders that are leading teams through this time, your teams are continually seeking to understanding these changes, the need to be agile, the need to be responsive, the need to work differently. Your teams are seeking truth, guidance, leadership.

  1. To support your team you need to support yourself. Self care, mental health and wellbeing in this time is critical. Enough sleep, rest, eating well, fresh air and own time is critical for leaders to be at their best. Leading and demonstrating this to your team is great leadership – leading well for others to follow.
  2. Communicate Communicate Communicate. Continue to share the facts, the truth, the clear details about the situation. Remove the gossip and stabilise a way for the team to get the truth and know the point of truth for their environment.
  3. Connection. There is so much research behind the power in social connection. Current media is ‘Social Distancing’, yet to be true it is ‘Physical Distancing’ with social connection in need. This can be via video chat and meetings, maybe through your organisation’s social platform. Create a way where the team still has the opportunity to connect socially – virtual morning teas, end of week video drinks. 

Everyone works their way through change at a different pace, and in times of abrupt change this can be amplified. Not all staff will be at the same stage of change at the same time. The above is a cycle of working with your team.

Patience, presence and mindfulness are critical throughout this time to support everyone along the way, including yourself.

Take care of yourself, build your inner game strong; communicate with confidence and truth, and develop collaborative and social connection for powerful team cohesion in the ‘now’.


Sherren Edkins