In life, we so often seek tirelessly to be understood by those around us. Yet what if I told you that we may have gotten it backwards all along?

To seek understanding firstly of yourself brings greatness into your life. We so forget this vital step in life. By doing this we allow ourselves time to foster our authenticity to rise to the surface. When this happens, we in turn indirectly teach others to understand us by example. It is like a giant mirror. Then and only then will you really be understood!

When we seek understanding from others first, without understanding ourselves, we kind of set ourselves up for failure in life. It’s basically like expecting others to do the work that we must do for ourselves. When in reality no one has the capacity quite like you to uncover and understand you. So what are you waiting for? The only way to do this is to stop looking outside for directions and start looking inside instead. Here you can uncover the true breadth of understanding.


When we begin to consider this concept, it becomes much easier to see how we so often feel misunderstood by those around us in life. If you think others should take the time to know you, surely it is reasonable to have the same expectation of yourself in the first place right!


Life is a giant mirror reflecting back at us all the lessons we need to learn first about ourselves. When you look out into the world, what do you see? Do you judge others? What annoying habits of those around you drive you mad?


These are likely all reflections the world is trying to show you to help you find your way back to you, in an attempt to help you understand yourself, so that in turn you may be understood by others.


Sometimes these reflections are hard to look at when we begin to try to understand their origins. However, with time just like I have, you can learn to relish the opportunity to discover everything about yourself. Then with kindness and self-love, you can begin to accept and embrace all of yourself, so then others can beautifully follow your lead.


The path of self-love and acceptance is a beautiful journey. In fact, the most important journey you are likely to ever undertake in your life.


Understanding begins in you, then radiates as if the suns rays are shining outward from within your heart. Like magic, you will feel the reflective warmth from others when you first seek to understand, rather than to be merely understood.


Relationships so often break down in the early days, or sometimes never begin because we feel misunderstood. So if you are single, next time you go on a date, seek first to understand rather than to be understood by others. Watch what happens and see the potential for magic, especially if you discover someone special who is doing this for you. The results could be an absolute game-changer in your life.


This tactic is equally successful at work, in fact in every situation in life. When you begin to learn to art of seeking understanding before seeking to be understood, your perspective no only changes, but so too does the perspective of those around you. In your workplace, people will begin to feel heard. Watch them begin to pay more attention to what you have to say in return. It is the kind of like the old adage of doing unto others and you would like others to do unto you.


It all begins today with you. Start the journey of understanding within and watch what happens in your life. You will be pleasantly surprised at what could be coming next.