Introducing Lauren Clemmett, she has been career-focused forever, but also very sporty.  She played field hockey and competitive swimming from school to a young adult then got into golf (at first for networking and business, but she found she was quite good at it and played club golf and competitive tournaments). And all manner of adventure sports from hiking to rock climbing and now, at 52, she is a bowman on a 54 foot racing yacht!

All of this while working in the high-stress industry of branding and advertising. She worked for world-leading agencies and then opened her own consultancy, which has gone on to win multiple international awards. 

Then she had a wake-up call. “Much as it seems like my life is full, as I aged, I noticed how much harder it was to stay fit and keep the fat off. My alcohol intake and reliance on convenience food, given my hectic lifestyle, certainly wasn’t helping either. Then there was the lack of quality sleep, some health issues (parathyroid) and general loss of flexibility as I entered middle age. 
I had a choice, and that was to up the ante, or carry on and see what I could live with (or without).”

So she joined F45, a high-intensity team training environment.  At this point she was 78kg (which at 160cm tall, was almost obese), her visceral fat (that’s the gunk around the organs that is the major cause of heart disease) was up to 13 and her body fat up over 30%. ” But the gym scared me.” I was looking at all the exercises to see what I thought I could do. Certainly, no chin-ups or box jumps and then I started!

2 years later she is the fittest she has ever been. She can now do chin-ups and box jumps. And she is now able to maintain a hectic life style, sleep and eat better and with no health issues.

The biggest positive impacts that exercise has had for her are:

1) WOW!  It made her realise what she is capable of. It has changed her mindset around potential, practice and consistent effort. Exercise is a game of mind over matter! Set your mind to it, and your body will follow.
2) Daily accountability. Yes, she goes to the gym each day and then adds in the sailing, walking, swimming, etc around that. In our 50’s it is vital we stay active in order to sustain a quality life. “I want to be fit and healthy well into old age so I can travel and immerse myself in life, never missing a thing.”
3) Getting the right support. Team training really suits Lauren, it matches the team sports she is used to. She thrives on having positive people around her. “It’s amazing to have them cheering me on, believing in you more than you do in yourself, has been totally amazing. ” Finding the right fit for your training style is vital.

The biggest benefit to her business is a regular daily schedule that starts at 6 am so that by 8 am, she feels she has achieved so much. “It sets you up for a successful day, and a healthy mindset.”

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