Munu Gurung

Like many women in Kathmandu, Munu Gurung has been blessed with both a sense of community and entrepreneurialism. Since the earthquake in April last year, her ability to satisfy both needs has been tested by shortages of essential supplies, the ability to move freely around her city and soaring inflation.

As founder of the Buds Montessori School in Kathmandu, Munu’s presence and abilities are heavily relied upon by many parents, teachers and children. The school runs various programs including arts and crafts, gardening, zoology, music, dance and cooking.

Since the quake, she and her staff have struggled to locate and fund the purchase of various items required to support these programs. The damage to roads and vital infrastructure caused by the quake meant access to and communication with suppliers was severed. Consequently the kids did without.

However, even when these problems can be overcome by Munu and her staff, there is another hitch. Inflation caused by scarcity of supplies is crippling the country. So even if the vegetables for lunch and raw materials for craft can be located they are often unaffordable.

So choices must be made – do we feed the kids or advance their education?

Outside of her work at the school, Munu operates her own handicraft business. She loves creating pashmina shawls and a variety of felt products that are simply gorgeous. She has been doing this for 10 years and enjoys every aspect from conception to planning to creation. Her artistic flair and businesslike approach are the perfect companions. 

Just like the school, her business is struggling to find supplies at an affordable price. So trying to work a shawl to a price-point her market is willing to pay and including a modest profit margin becomes more and more difficult. Multiply this problem across a country and trade slows to a standstill.

In most countries, women play a vital socio-economic role. From carers to CEOs, they are at every tier. The women of Nepal have been struggling to perform their tasks since the quake. Their will is strong and so is the sense of community and entrepreneurialism. Nonetheless, a helping hand would be greatly appreciated.

Business in Heels is trying to raise funds for Sunisha Thapa to run her first networking event since the quake. Sunisha is the Branch Director in Kathmandu and her events bring together women like Munu so they may build and reinforce business relationships. Now more than ever, this is required for the women of the city. Significantly, her event is planned for International Women’s Day on March 8.

One of the key elements to the recovery from any disaster is the ability to communicate and share stories. This creates supportive channels which in turn inspire the bravery required to be inventive and overcome. Once trade is normalised and money circulates more freely the social disruption will subside and difficult choices between food and education will not have to be made. For the women of Nepal, Sunisha’s event will be a welcome step forward along this path.

You can help by –

Becoming a Crystal Member.  It’s free and BIH will donate $1 for every new member up until March 8.
Becoming a Diamond Member.  The cost is $165 and BIH will donate $50 for every new Diamond up until March 8. 
Leaving comments of support on the website.Becoming Event Partners with Sunisha from as little as $150.  Every event partner will have their brand circulated to every Business in Heels branch in the world!

Anything small you can offer will be gratefully received by Sunisha. She will use the funds to help overcome Nepal’s debilitating inflation and run her event on International Women’s Day. Munu and many others like her will be thankful for your support.