I realised that I loved baking from an early age. I initially undertook a chef’s apprenticeship, but quickly realised that patisserie and chocolate was the road for me. My mother had a huge influence over my love for chocolate and desserts and I have fond memories of her homemade chocolates. Chocolate is such a versatile ingredient and the opportunities for creativity are endless!


I know firsthand how difficult it can be juggling everything that comes along with being a woman and establishing a career. Managing my business as well as being a mother and wife has its challenges! That aside, I do remember, however, at the World Pastry Team Championship, I created a showpiece with a chocolate ring that measured about 30cm and sat on top of the product. The chocolate ring broke off the showpiece and spun like a wheel, bouncing through the audience of about 800 people; the crowd then parted ways and the wheel just kept going. Thankfully, I made spares and had a backup! Now I can look back and laugh at that.


I am so proud of what we have achieved at Savour School since I opened it in 2002. There is no doubt that I have evolved, changed and learnt more throughout my career. My passion for chocolate and patisserie has augmented and now my passion for teaching has flourished. I have developed a whole new venture in the business with Savour Online Classes. It has overcome the challenge of students not being able to physically attend classes at our school in Melbourne. Instead and in addition to, students can learn from myself and the best pastry chefs from across the globe. We are breaking down the barrier and eliminating borders. I like to think that I can inspire others with concepts like this, as well as through my creations and teaching. That is success. Recently, I have also finished filming my own TV show, which is incredibly exciting and is due out in 2019.


Kirsten Tibballs

Director of Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School