I heard a woman speaking at an event recently.  Rachel’s business revolves around selling skin care products.  About half way through her presentation, she told her audience all about the various products in her range.  There were creams and balms, wipes and oils and much, much more.  Are you getting the picture?  She described the benefits of each, how to apply them and informed us there was a money back guarantee if we weren’t completely satisfied after 3 uses.  Are you getting drowsy as you read this?  Do you think members of her audience were looking at their watches, stifling yawns and thinking about their next appointments?

Well, if you think this, you’re totally wrong.  She had us in the palm of her hand.

Why?  Yep – that’s the answer.  We knew Rachel’s why.

You see the first half of her presentation was about her daughter who suffered skin allergies.  These allergies were so debilitating that Rachel felt compelled to find products that could assist her 12-year-old.  After years of research she stumbled across a range that had remedial effects and could not only alleviate the pain and discomfort but they reduced the inflammation and restored her daughter’s natural complexion and confidence.  Her daughter, who had lived in the shadows because of her appearance, could now confidently mix with her peers and talk about all those things that are so important to 12-year-old girls. 

As we rode the rollercoaster of the mother’s and daughter’s emotions and pain, we became totally absorbed in the presentation.  She could have been selling jars of sand and we would have been fascinated.

Never forget why you started on your journey.  Always remember where it all began.  And most importantly, in an unassuming way, tell people.

Another integral part of Rachel’s story was how, in order to help her daughter, she had to get over many of her own perceived inadequacies. 

“I’m not smart enough to research.” 

“I’m not educated enough to make a business work.” 

“I’m not, I’m not, I’m not…”

Yet we could all plainly see, she was.

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