Lauren Shepherd, previously Silva and of Portuguese heritage. Born and raised in Outback Queendsland, we relocated to Townsville when I was 10. Raised by my amazing Mum (and a single mum at that), my brother and I, although chalk and cheese, are very ambitious and independent. My Mum met my caring (and patient) Step-Dad and my baby sister was born just a weeks before my high school graduation. I love her dearly and she has taught me so much. I’m a family girl, caring, thoughtful, sensitive, passionate and fiery. I aim to please, I have high standards and am a perfectionist (something I am working on letting go of).

I met the love of my life at 18, we’ve been married almost three years and we love our cocker spaniels like children. He is generous, caring and supportive. He helps me dream.

I studied Commerce at JCU while working at an accounting firm and the casino. I completed my professional accounting qualifications through CPA Australia. I’ve had a four jobs and one business in the last 10 years, some of these at the same time. Two while studying, one for a short period which showed me exactly what I do not want in life (many lessons learned) and one which has seen me progress to be second in charge and give me the diversity I crave. I have just celebrated five years at the Cowboys Leagues Club with my phenomenal boss being 100% the reason I am loyal to the company. 

Two years ago I discovered Business In Heels, and soon after Sarah and I started our BIH adventure. What this business has done for me I will struggle to put in words. I have met amazing souls I am lucky enough to call friends, I have a diverse network of connections and I am thankful every day for the inspiration it brings to my life. I have grown as a person – as a friend, manager, business woman, wife and community member. I love connecting with people in our community, hearing the stories of women who attend our events and showcasing what local, national and international businesses are doing in this world – which is nothing short of remarkable. 

From my BIH journey, I had another “ah-ha” moment I remember as clear as day. It took a Mastermind Session, then Life Design Workshop (both run by and with inspiring local business women) before I realised my purpose and the next stage of my adventure. With my cheerleaders Sarah and Kylie spurring me on, I set to work. I have learned from so many teachers – my mum, my brother, my grandmother, Sarah, Kylie, Marissa, Clint, Kerry, Allison, Lucy, Teegan, Taryn, Kathy, Alana, Patti and some famous ones Brene Brown, Tara Mohr, Gabby Bernstein, Lisa Messenger, Mim Haysom, Amy Cuddy,  Elizabeth Gilbert and many many more family, friends and others who have led me to this moment.

My purpose is clear, my passion is unwavering, I’m dreaming big and what’s to come excites me to my core. 

L x

 Photo by Budd Photography.