1. What’s the objective – to create privacy, insulation or blackout for sleeping? The best way to achieve all three is with curtains, which have made a great comeback as people start to understand the thermal properties of curtains for keeping the sun out in summer and maintaining heat in winter.
  2. Creating privacy – screen blinds are a great way to create privacy yet still allow light in. Many people utilise double roller blinds and have a screen blind for privacy with a blockout blind for sleeping and blocking the sun. Sheer curtains also create privacy and can be used on their own or with blinds or curtains.
  3. Low ceilings? – hang your blinds/curtains above the architrave to create length and height in a room.
  4. Think about light bleed – this is when light comes through at the sides of a roller or roman blinds. Curtains are the best way to minimise light bleed as they cover the glass & architrave completely.
  5. Plantation shutters – these can look great, but do not offer great insulation properties. They are not ideal for dark rooms, as they don’t allow as much light in as the glass cannot be exposed as easily (unless fully open, which most people don’t do).