When I was dissatisfied with how my life, business and career were progressing, much of the reason was my own mindset. I kept myself in a negative mindset because of the story that I kept telling myself about my situation. But the primary strategy to break free from dissatisfaction is to change your mindset by being very protective of creating a positive story and environment for yourself. 

The two strategies – telling myself a negative story versus a positive one – can be compared and contrasted, and you will find it clear that the new story is far more optimistic and powerful. You may even discover some similarities between the old story I was telling myself, and what you tell yourself. Then you can also shift your mindset by telling yourself a better, more positive, story. 

Old story: I’ve been working so hard on this business, and it’s not giving me any return.

New story: This business is always evolving, and is a stepping stone to whatever comes next in my life.

Old story: I work harder than most solicitors, because I am also running this whole business, and yet I get paid about a third of what I would be paid if I was working for someone else.

New story: It is amazing what I have been able to achieve in 5 years, and the opportunities that this business has allowed me to have and enabled me to do. I am excited by the continuous improvement, and recognise that there is always sufficient cash flow for all expenses that arise.

Old story: I have trapped myself in this business – there is no way out. It’s not worth enough for me to sell it, because I won’t recover everything I have put into it. Who would buy it anyway?

New story: What I have learnt running this business is invaluable. Marketing, leadership, bookkeeping, website content, and networking. I continue to expand and grow everyday, and the potential to where this can lead me is amazing. It’s fun to think about where this is headed, and it’s fun to strategise about marketing and business development.

Old story: I never have enough time in the day. My time is not my own, and there are so many things that waste my time. My time is not respected by my staff or by my clients. I am just dumped on by everyone.

New story: I always have enough time for the important things in my life. I am in control of my calendar, and can change what I am not happy with. My staff are loyal and generous, and have the best interests of my business at heart.

Old story: I am just a country solicitor, and a young female, so everyone looks down on me and doesn’t take me seriously. No one respects me or values my knowledge and expertise. I have no authority.

New story: I am one of only 77 in the State with my qualifications, out of about 12,000 solicitors! My ability and knowledge speak for themselves, and I do not have to prove myself to anyone. I am proud of my achievements and to be able to be of service to my community and all those that I choose to work with.

Can you feel the negativity in the old story that I used to tell myself? No wonder I was dissatisfied, depressed and full of anxiety and self-doubt. By being conscious that my thoughts determine how I feel, I could consciously change my thoughts to my new story whenever I began to feel negative feelings. This has been a crucial strategy to turning around my dissatisfaction with my business and my career.

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