Look, we’re not psychologists here at Business in Heels, but running a networking organisation certainly teaches you a lot about humanity.  Lately, emotional intelligence has been occupying our thoughts so here’s the fruits of our research and some thoughts for you to consider…

Generally, psychologists define emotional intelligence as the ability to notice and control your own emotions and the emotions of others.  Now, at Business in Heels, we don’t recommend mind games for personal gain.  Such gains are short-lived and ultimately damage relationships.  So remember to think of the long-term mutual benefits when reading this series of 5 blogs.

People with high levels of EI are accurately tuned into their own emotions. 

Have you got the little voice operating in you?  You know the cartoons when the devil and the angel sit on either shoulder and whisper their demands in your ears?  That’s the beginning of being aware of your own emotions.  The ability to stop and consider the pros and cons of a situation is a hallmark of a person with higher levels of EI.  They tend to be less reactive and more thoughtful.  They use their little voice to actively inform them of their feelings at important times.

They notice, and may even be able to predict, their own feelings in given circumstances.  Picture this – you know you’re going to be nervous walking into a networking event by yourself where you are certain you will not know anyone.  You know that nervousness makes you say silly little things you wish you hadn’t.  So don’t do it.  Bring a friend, stress less and bounce off your wing chick so you can meet people confidently.

We’ve all dealt with tiresome and difficult people.  It angers us, saps our energy and leaves us deflated, right?  The first step to controlling our emotions is identifying them.  So after dealing with a pest go for a walk, activate the little voice and calmly label your emotions. 

Next week, we’ll be discussing how to control your emotional responses. 

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From those in Heels