Are you achieving work life balance? Or are you constantly on the fly, resorting to coffee & vino to keep you boosted up in your entrepreneurial week?

Perhaps it is time to get back to basics in your home kitchen and renew your passion for eating whole foods!  If you are interested in discovering how to produce simple to prepare nourishing meals for optimum energy based around your work and lifestyle challenges, then this is for you…

It is Jo’s passion to teach corporates simple tips & strategies on how to project manage their time over a 4 Hour Masterclass.

Come join her for a fun and informative afternoon at a purpose-built cooking school in Bayside, Melbourne VIC on Wednesday, May 9, 12noon – 4:00pm. Group size – 12 max.* 

Event link: 

It is your opportunity to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs…

Event format for the day:

1. Meet & greet over a glass of wine or refreshing non-alcoholic beverage on arrival.

2. Welcome by host & overview of what will be covered during the session.

3. Demonstation of how to prepare nutritious dishes utilising fresh, local, organic produce.

4. Discussion on:  kitchen flow,  tips on time management, menu planning, strategies to implement.

5.  Shared table with group to sample dishes demonstrated over a glass of wine.

6. Q&A plenary session to address current challenges.


Parking is available on-site, directly in front of the warehouse.


* Jo also runs bespoke Culinary Masterclasses in her home kitchen for groups of 1 – 4.