What exists without exists within. Sounds like a riddle right?

This might seem like an over-simplistic idea in what appears like a complex world. However, if you stick with me on this one, you might discover the simplicity that is hidden beneath the complexity that we have woven into every corner of life, like a giant cobweb that covers everything. Just like a mask covering your face.

So you might be thinking, what is this web I speak of?

This web is a combination of our stories, as conditioned within all of humanity, the sub-stories of all the divisions we have created in between through cultural conditioning, and finally the stories you have told yourself uncovered through social conditioning.
When you look out into the world what do you see? Are you looking through a mask or maybe many? Do you see complexity or do you see simplicity?

If you see complexity don’t be alarmed. Most people see complexity most of the time, which causes suffering in us all, from stress and disconnection to anxiety and a whole multitude of other conditions in life. The web of stories that created this suffering is called complexity, and it is gripping us all and holding us back from achieving greatness in our lives.

So how is it that some of us see the simplicity and yet most of us see the complexity?

Our first problem is that we think way too much, and to make things worse we think in repeated cycles that trap our minds in endless loops. This is at the core foundation of most of the problems that we encounter as humans, both collectively and as individuals.

Yet, here is the pinch, it is not as straightforward as the concept of intellect, which we too often apply circumstantially. Intellect is merely one of the many means of understanding the world around us. Yet it only gets us so far.

We interpret and understand the world around us both consciously and subconsciously. This happens through a whole host of mechanisms including emotions, energy and a bunch of sensory measures, many of which science still does not understand. These measures for most of us aren’t even within our field of awareness, yet they are happening every moment of every day within our body. Basically, by living in this way we are flying like a plane on auto-pilot, with minimum output, yet just enough to keep us in the air.

There is much more to discover beyond the auto-pilot functionality within you. Science is constantly extending its research in an attempt to begin to understand the apparent complexity of the human body and all it entails. However, you know all the answers to your existence, because it already exists within you, hidden away from the view of the external world buried in its curated complexity.

When you tap into mindfulness practices you can uncover and expand this understanding of seeing through all the complexity to reveal the beautiful simplicity that lies below. It is like removing the mask to review the true you beneath. This mask might be heavy and have multiple layers to remove, like peeling an onion. One by one as the complexity is removed the simplicity begins to come into view, and so do you.

This occurs as a result of beginning the process of discovering the world within. When you begin to understand the world within yourself, it helps to reveal some of the simplicity within the complexity of the life you have created. Then you can apply these exact same principles to the outside world, and viola the world begins to look a whole lot different, in a much simpler way.
I am making it sound simply right! excuse the pun.

Simplicity will appear more difficult to uncover at first because just like everything worthwhile, it takes time and effort to achieve success. Once you start to delve below the surface, you will be surprised by what you see.

Through my personal experience and the skills I have taught others, I know that this expansion is also available to you. With a little bit of courage and a dash of adventurous childlike enthusiasm, you will be surprised how quickly you begin to recognise the simplicity below the complexity.

Is it time to embark on a worthwhile adventure for not only yourself internally, but also to expand in every part of your external life?

If your head is spinning and things feel very unclear, remember this. You are living in a world bombarding you and wrapping you entirely with complexity. Beginning to understand this concept first will help you to step forward to do your inner work. Then you can automatically reflect your understanding out into the world, and watch what happens next.

Awareness is where any new understanding always begins. So learn to be aware of the world around you, how you interact with it, and maybe it is here where you will see the path you need to take to dive below the surface of complexity, to find the beautiful simplicity that lies below.

What have you got to lose?

There is much to gain. So begin today with awareness, for tomorrow is yet to arrive. Let life guide you from your inner knowing, and when the door appears, open it and step through.

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