Ever wonder why some people are better at passing referrals than others?  How is it they just know how to work the system to the advantage of others?  And… well, why would they want to? 

Let’s deal with the first two questions.  Below is a list of referral cues anyone can train themselves to quickly detect and pick up on. 

1.      Life Events.  A wedding, an overseas trip, retirement and a birth are just some of the examples of big life events.  Let’s take a wedding.  The bride needs a dress, the groom a suit.  Flowers need to be arranged; a photographer, cars, a marquee.  Often the couple want to consider their insurances and may be looking to finance a house or a honeymoon.  Know anyone who can help with these? 

2.      A Complaint is a problem looking for a solution.  My credit cards are in a mess may mean a debt consolidation loan could help.  May car is blowing black smoke may mean a mechanic or car salesperson is required.  Consider complaints in this way and you’ll be making connections and referrals all day!

3.      A Plan is another wonderful cue indicating referral opportunities are just around the corner.  A plan is often made up of a series of steps.  Ask about each step and how the person plans to overcome it.  Do they need someone to help with any of those steps? 

4.      Confusion requires clarity.  If someone says, “Bookkeeping is doing my head in,” they need answers.  Introduce them to someone you know who can help. 

5.      Fear is a huge motivator.  It makes people do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do and can take them way out of their comfort zones.  If the moment is right, ask your colleague if they have any fears for their business.  Most business owners do.  They just don’t come right out and tell you.

So listen for each of these triggers and be prepared to offer assistance in the form of a connection or referral.  They’ll be very grateful.

And that’s why you do it.  Gratitude comes back in spades.

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