Are we victims of our own gender biases?

Whichever way we turn today we get to see movies, stories and songs all depicting strong, successful women. Ones who can have it all! Ones who make cakes for their child’s Birthday, keep an immaculate designer house and have satisfying careers. Do you have a role model to live up to a mother, father or ??

And yet we know that this is not reality there are not enough hours in the day to do it all.

How often do we compromise our ambition or chances because there are chores that need to be done? Why do we accept that there is no time for networking, for meeting people across the company, or doing career-enhancing work? Because, if we don’t do the chores, take the kids to various activities, or make dinner for our families, we feel guilty.

Women feel guilty 96% of the time.

What guilts do you suffer from? Here is a list you may be able to relate to:-

Making work and career a priority

Making family and kids a priority

Being compassionate

Choosing yourself over others

Dressing a certain way

Not being good at cooking and cleaning

If your family does not have clean & ironed clothes

If your house is not tidy

For not being available to help out on school days, school stalls etc

For not supplying home-cooked food for school or kids club events

Saying no to others

Working your actual hours

For asking other parents to pick up and drop off your child.


I imagine there is a number that you can relate to, I certainly can. 

So, what can you do about it?

Well, the first step is to see it for what it is, a bias that can be overcome.

Secondly, we can rethink our decisions. We can make balanced decisions, ones that support & encourage you as much as those for your loved ones.

Why bother you say? Well, the truth is you cannot continue to give unless you are looking after yourself too. And a happier more fulfilled you will be much more fun to be around.

We understand that this is not always easy, and sometimes it is hard to understand what unconscious biases we have that are not serving us. That is understandable because they are unconscious.

For those of you who would like some help, we have a new program, Guilt Free Mentoring. We created time for you, and you invest it in professional development. Then for every session, we invest $100 back to you to get your most disliked chores done (washing, ironing, house cleaning, dinner). Helping you break the cycle of feeling guilty for putting yourself first.

85% of our mentees have achieved:- promotion, new job, pay rise, job satisfaction

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