As we move forward in 2022 navigating in our new normal Covid world; what is it that makes us feel valued at work? Have the goalposts changed from our pre-Covid days?

Over the last two years of lockdowns and work from home mandates – Covid has forced our hand to rethink our balance with work, family and friends, and quite simply – how we feel about … well everything?

With all these changes, and the change to our mindset; how do you feel at work now? Do you feel valued? As most of us navigate a hybrid work environment; has that changed the value you bring to the business or team?

The trend has seen many professionals second-guessing themselves on what value they bring to their job, do they feel valued, and whether that job is even worth it now? The Great Resignation in Australia mentions 30-40% of employees changing jobs this year. Could ‘not feeling valued at work’ be adding to the number of employees changing jobs? Most likely it is. Research shows feeling valued at work is one of the top-three ‘musts’ for an employee!

So what makes us feel valued? What are some of the things employers do that make employees feel valued and appreciated at work;

  1. Enticing employee packages where employees are well remunerated, flexible holidays and incentives 
  2. Celebrating achievements at work
  3. Making time for the team, team building, celebrating birthdays and milestones
  4. Meaningful work and the opportunity to give feedback
  5. Employee development opportunities – giving employees the opportunity to grow their skills to keep them engaged and challenged
  6. An encouraged work-life balance – a healthy work environment lead by the business
  7. A positive, fun and engaging culture with shared values
  8. A leader that is present, engaged, kind and honest
  9. Opportunities to seek a mentor for career development, support and guidance. Mentors can be internal or external

These are just some things that can make employees feel valued in a business.

How do you know if you are valued? Is it words of appreciation; is it a gut feeling? How do you know if this workplace is right for you and your skillset, and are you appreciated and valued?

Some positive signs you are valued, can be;

·  Verbal feedback that you’ve done a great job on the project or work completed. Words of positive feedback can mean so much and give you a proud and content feeling. It’s amazing how some kind words on a job ‘well done’ can lift your spirits. Although it is one of the easiest forms of positive recognition, it can also be hard for some leaders/bosses to say … raising the red-flag; are you valued?

·  Promotions within the company. Your skills are valued and recognised with promotions in the business. This is an easy sign you’re valued to be promoted. Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate the milestone.

·  Invited to important company meetings for your opinion and expertise. Valuing your opinion is a sure sign you are valued in the business. Make sure in the meeting you speak up and give your valued thoughts. Don’t feel overwhelmed like you should not be there; you have a seat at the table so speak up, you are valued!

·  A note of thanks! How special it is to receive a written note of thanks or even a thank you email from a peer or leader in appreciation. It may only be a few words to them, but to be personally thanked can mean so much and most importantly, feel valued.

You deserve to feel valued and appreciated in your work environment, and now more than ever this is top of mind.
How do you feel? Make 2022 a great year, you deserve it!

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